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With the rapid development of society, the living pressure of modern people has also increased in recent years. In addition to eating, sleeping, and going to work, people have to constantly recharge and study, and the relationship between people has become more and more indifferent, people’s emotional life has become lighter and lighter, and family at this time has become more and more important. Getting together with your family once in a while, eating together, shopping, and going to the park

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Owning a watch in modern times comes with plenty of reasons. When almost every electronic device can let you know the time, some buy for their love towards practicality, some for their jobs, while others love the look while worn. Amongst all these reasons, the ultimatum is to choose a good quality watch. But what are the qualities that we should look for while purchasing a watch? Here are some tips that you can look for in your watch


The Material of the watch case

An important aspect that comes

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American Documents: A ‘Made in America’ Product

Timex was established in 1854 in Waterbury, Connecticut, and these past 165 years have seen its popularity across the borders of the US and reach out to other continents. Today, Timex watches, which are stylish and affordable, are being manufactured all over the world according to the local requirements. However, the company recently decided to bring back watch manufacturing to the United States with the introduction of the American Documents collection.



The watch is a ‘made in America’ product.

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Mens thong underwear, if you know, is a narrow piece of cloth or even leather sometimes, that passes between the  legs and is attached to a band, around the hips. Men's thongs are a men’s underwear style was long back also called men’s gstring underwear a few decades ago but eventually, the style became a completely independent one because of the skimpier construction. Also worn by women with the same name “thong underwear”.


The men's thong underwear has been around for decades now. You might ha

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Top wedding No-No’s that you should avoid

Are you getting married soon? If “Yes”, then definitely you have a list of many responsibilities including selecting a perfect venue, making a list of guests, booking caterers, and decorators, etc. These are all things which play a vital role to make your wedding outstanding. The right selection of all these will not only please your guest well, but it will also make your wedding the talk of the town.


Apart from selecting the best venue, decorators, and caterers, an appropriate wedding dress of g

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Losing weight and unwanted fat is one of the most common New Year’s resolution. Almost all of us will be able to relate to it. Research shows that most of the resolutions go down the drain after January. At the same time, there are some people who fail to lose weight even after a lot of sincere effort. Are you one of them? Are you not seeing any result or has your weight lose slowed down? Run down the things that you may be doing wrong.    

1. Not working out


Just following a diet regime won’t hel

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For The Complete Man

If you want the adroit appearance, blazers are the perfect choice for the occasion. Blazers are a must for your wardrobe. They give you a versatile look. They are a style staple that every man should own. They are meant to fill the void between the business suit and a casual dress. From casual to formal, blazers can be the perfect addition to any outfit. They are the best way to add a whole new range of outfit. They can be paired with the jeans or with the different colored trousers and will giv

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Men’s Watches for 2016


When it comes to men’s fashion, you should never underestimate the value of a fine watch. There's just something about checking a precise and attractive piece of mechanical engineering to give someone the time that pulling out a smartphone's simply never going to beat. In recognition of a long time classic and practical accessory, we've put together a list of seven of our favorite watches on the market today. Of course, there are numerous other brands and styles of watches that are out there, bu

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There are plenty of young men who have a great idea in how to kickstart their career but they don’t have any clue about how they should dress. This is something that really needs to change among men. Young men are indeed the future of the society and unless you look sharp and alsolook sharp, you can’t take the very first step to truly being a professional. It’s not that only clothing can make the man look perfect, but the right clothing can set a tone on the office and influence the others. Whet

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It is not the case that all men have a penchant for shopping. However, there are a few that may have a slight affinity for shopping. They seem to make a headlong walk into the store, get themselves a pair of casual trousers for men befitting their size and then make a beeline out of the store. There exist a vast variety of styles in casual trousers for men to choose from. The pants have been provided categorization as corduroys, trousers, and jeans.

Trouser is considered as an ultimate profess

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10 Tips on how to Wear a Polo T shirt

Polos Tshirts are undoubtedly one of the ‘Must Haves’ in a man’s wardrobe.. The fact that makes it so awesome is that it combines formal with casual. It has the collar of a dressy shirt and the short sleeves of a casual T shirt. Did you know polo tshirts can be worn in a number of styles and we’ll tell you how to! One can wear it on its own or team it up with a sweater or long sleeved T-shirt for when it’s cold and you want added layers. Read on to find the various ways of acing a polo tshirt!

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Men’s Fashion Essentials This Winter

Buy Hooded Sweat Jacket Price and Features.Shop Hooded Sweat Jacket Online.The nip in the air clearly suggests the arrival of the winter season, which means a complete wardrobe revamp for work. It’s time to get out your leather jackets, formal coats, trendy men’s sweaters and high ankle black boots and put aside your v-neck t-shirts, flip-flops and shorts. For men, winter is a chance to explore their fashionable side and experiment with their wardrobe. With the cold season comes a plethora of style options and fashion trends in both casual and office wear. Executives c

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Some say that a suit makes the personality of a man. Others insist that not wearing the right tie can absolve the purpose of wearing a suit. Well, I believe that it is the right combination of the two that adds power to a man’s image!


A poorly managed suit-and-tie combination speaks volumes as to how a man takes care (or does not) of himself. It creates a picture regarding his priorities, lifestyle and his aspirations in the minds of people around him. Dressing up in a suit with the right accesso

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8843178265? has collection of fashion sunglasses including designer sunglasses and luxury eyewear. Browse brand new men’s and women’s designer sunglasses from popular brands. Buy authentic designer sunglasses and make your own style.

Sunglasses are worn to protect your eyes from glare and the scorching rays of the sun, but the right style can look great on you wherever you go. Whether you need them for your favorite sports activity, or shopping the most popular fashion retail strips, the

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When making a Pattern or making a marker for a given design in the apparel industry many times young designers and small start up companies can not afford the cost of a state of the art plotter due to high cost and maintenance service required periodically to maintain these digital plotters running.

Fortunately, you are not obligated to pay twenty thousand dollars for a state of the art paper-plotting machine when y

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A Video Look at Ossington Bags For Men

We’ve been on a bit of a roll when it comes to men’s fashion: We provided you a peek at the (Capsule) Men’s Trade Show (with more to come) and now we’re introducing you to Ossington Bags, a rugged, masculine, urban-inspired collection of tasty accessories. The Toronto-based brand specializes in
men’s leather and ballistic nylon bags and accessories priced between $49-$239. Take a look at what we captured at their New York City showroom. (more…)

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Carolyn Massey A/W 2011 | Images via Flikr/Aki Quang2009

While big name designers continue to show collections this week in Milan, there is another set of men’s fashion designers to watch out for come fall. The British Fashion Council announced this week the top London-based emerging designers sponsored by NEWGEN MEN. The recipients not only have the chance to show their Spring 2011 collection at London Fashion Week in September, each designer also receives £5,000 – £10,000 to cover show costs al

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Seems even after 20 years, the Italian master still fancies himselfthe craftsman. Oh, we wish you could read this whole interview. Darn premium subscriptions. [WWD]
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Photos via Live Journal

With a recent ash burial for the late Alexander McQueen, the fashion world is obviously still in the grips of a great loss since the designer’s suicide last February. But, McQueen’s fashion legacy carried on this past weekend in a simple men’s collection at Milan Fashion Week under the direction of longtime McQueen assistant and now brand Creative Director, Sarah Burton. Yes—the late designer was known for his wacky and fantastical men’s collections, but somehow Burton’s u

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