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You can save a lot of time in the morning by having a casual wardrobe that features a few key pieces to wear. However, you may be in need of a wardrobe update and ready to take your outfits to the next level. Here are some staple pieces that you should add to your casual wardrobe.

Skirt Set

If you are looking for something very versatile to add to your casual wardrobe, consider a skirt-and-top set. These sets are great because you can either wear them together or break them apart to wear each piec

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Indian Blouses Online | Saree Blouse Of 2021

As we know there are many e-commerce online sites that are giving their best out. But yes, KarmaPlace brings a different concept for USA-based Indians and non-Indians too. We know many people residing in the USA but their cravings for Indian outfits and jewelry are still irreplaceable. Keeping this concept in mind we i.e. karma place brings the concept of saree blouse online usa  


So, If you guys are residing in the USA and worried about any Indian wear like, women's to men's or children's wear t

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When it comes to a woman’s wardrobe, there is much more than what can be seen, the various colors, the sequins, the diverse patterns and the arts of regions that differ geographically and culturally. Although the world is huge and a confusing place to be in, here we aim to help anyone who feels the need to understand the charm of what wholesale womens blouses of perfect fitting and type apt for your figure can bring out for you. Here are some designs to help you understand well the much less tal

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The Best Blouses Women Love To Wear

The best blouses women adorn and love to wear must provide them with high-end style and comfortable fashion. Every woman loves to own some casual pairs of chic blouses as they offer a unique look to every wearer. These clothing items are manufactured of different fabrics and are available in various designs and cuts to suit every body shape and size. One can easily dress these flattering clothing pieces up or down depending on their fashion preferences. Blouses are suitable for wearing to any oc

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Work Blouses To Ace A Professional Look

Work blouses are immensely stylish and give you a polished look within minutes. These cute yet composed blouses look elegant and sophisticated on every girl. These blouses offer an effortless look that can easily be layered with different outerwear. Work blouses offer a comfortable and composed look which is perfect for an office day. These work-friendly outfits are quite affordable and come in different designs, prints and colors. You can find the most flattering work blouses online only Presta

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How to create fashion statements in work blouses

Are you worried about what to wear for work? With such a diverse collection of work blouses available, you don’t have to think anymore. Work appropriate blouses can give you the same excitement as any other piece of clothing does. With a variety of work blouses available for all you gorgeous ladies, there are many different kinds of ways in which you can style them.

Different ways to style work blouses

  • Blouse, relaxed jeans, and heels. When at work, the most crucial consideration is comfort. With
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Dress codes for different occasions

Dressing matters a lot as it brings all kinds of impressions about us. Dressing is said to be an art, the art of experimenting what fits and what looks good for every occasion. Every occasion brings out a certain mood and that what we should consider when deciding what to wear on the occasion.

  1. Cocktail party.

For a cock tail party, every woman should dress in a casual or semi-formal wear. For women there are so many fashion dresses that one can rock in such parties. One should make sure to choose

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Types of women upper wear

Women upper wear comprises of not only tops and blouses but also the outer wear such as jackets, coats, cardigans and many others. Upper wear is an essential thing in every fashionista’s wardrobe. Women tops and blouses can be worn with mostly trousers and skirts. Below are a few of women upper wear which are available at affordable prices.

  1. Blouses

Women blouses can either be half or full sleeved and one can choose depending on her preference. They are the most ideal clothes to wear as a casual ou

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Wholesale Women Blouses Involve Fashion Sense

Everyone has their own style. Some people like retro and artistic ones, some people like sweet and gentle ones, and some like simple and handsome ones. If you want to wear all kinds of fashion sense, wholesale womens blouses of the basic models can help. I am going to provide you with a refreshing and versatile single item, letting your charm show out event with some affordable blouses.

shestar wholesale cold shoulder solid color halter blouse top

This blouse uses the most popular design elements at the moment. The combination of the cross collar of the bib

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Hello, fashion freaks! Let's talk about women's favorite clothing for summer – tops. They are commonly known as women’s blouses. These tops make you look stunning. They are easy to wear. Depending upon the need and occasion, shape, size, and body types, a woman can easily pick up a top for her. Every woman fashionista should know about different types of blouses for them in the fashion world. Prestarrs has every single design for you that is trending, this year.


What varieties are there?

There is

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A blouse is usually a cropped and well-fitted top which is worn by the Indian women as part of the traditional gear. This cropped and well fitted top popularly known as the blouse is to be worn with a saree the role of which is to enhance the look of the saree which is the traditional ethnic wear of India. Gone are those days when the markets had very little options in the arena of blouses to choose from. In the earlier days, the blouses were to be found in primary solid colors and in the same s

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We live in an era where everyone is shifting towards the readymade blouse for their saree. But do you think to choose the right blouse is that easy? No! You have to define your body type, occasion, fabric and the type of saree you want to wear. However, there is a saree blouse design that you can always rely on, i.e. Classic Boat Neck Design. It is very much in trend and helps you to highlight your saree. These are elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

Here are some features of the Boat Nec

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Want a dress for more than one occasion

What is skater dress? It is short, high waisted, light weighted dress. They generally have plates on them and the hem line can vary as per your choice. They are easy to wear and suit every body type. You can buy anklets and pair them up with these.

Sexy skater dresses on Wishlist of women


Start a collection of sexy skater dress! You have not too many ways of these lovely dresses due to the fact that they go a lengthy way of making the easiest and superb outfits. Paired with a cute pair of ballet p

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Women’s Fetish For Fashion Blouses Today

Formal or casual attire-a close fitted blouse always look good in a woman’s body. There are huge collection of women’s blouses online as well offline; at you would get all types of style and fashionable blouses for all body types. These blouses are made in all fabrics but cottons are more comfortable as it gives a light feeling to the body. According to occasions you can make yourself cool, sexy, attractive with these women’s blouses.

Types of blouses:


Blouses that you can find in

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Blouses as A blend of modern and old world charm

Women love experimenting with style, new designs are born every year. But, more than often it is the rebirth of old styles that excites the most ardent followers of fashion. Blouses are one classic example of feminine attire that has made one exciting comeback. Its many types like prim, floating tight fitted or long blouse each one has been loved by women of all ages. Online fashion website Selaros has a wide collection of blouse to choose from. Pa

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First of all, you should know why a woman choose blouse in many cases? Because, they are comfortable, particularly in the warm summer months.  It can be worn on any occasion. You can wear it to a social gathering, as an evening dress and can also any small purpose. These are available in wide price range. Most of the celebrities are seen wearing them. This is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity.

When you buy blouse online, here are some of the tips that you should consider:


The colour of

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With the approaching of spring season, it becomes essential to go for selective dress materials. They must be such that you are able to go with style statement along with protecting your body from chilly winds. The moment you start with your search, you will come across numerous choices to make the best and most suitable selection.

Get a Nicely Designed Sweatshirt


Along with gloves, a nicely designed sweatshirt will serve to be a great combination this winter. Logging in to Fashionmia, you will co

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How can you find the best fashionable swimwear?

The bodies of all women are not the same. Some have slim bodies while others have slightly bulky bodies. Women who are bulky find it difficult to buy swimsuits as most of the swimsuits are designed for the slim bodied women. However, Fashionmia has vast collection of swimsuits for the plus size women. There are mainly two types of swimsuits available for the bulky women – one piece swimsuits and tankinis (two piece swimsuits).


The one piece swimsuits

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You always shop tops which are in trending and get the latest top you may be visiting many market places or online shopping sites. What if you get all the new tops available at one place, with large color choices and designs, you may visit that site regularly, RIGHT. The Fashionmia is an online shopping store where you can easily buy the latest trendy tops and blouses for yourself. Here you can buy women dresses to dress yourself with the look that is admired by everyone and you will feel confid

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Top Choice of Dresses for Formal and Casual Wear

There are a comprehensive collection of western outfits for women. You may find it difficult to categorize which dress is suitable for formal and informal wear. We have chosen two outfits here. One is bodycon dresses which is the perfect casual wear while other is blouse which is apt for formal wear.

Bodycon dress

A bodycon dress is an awesome dress which helps you to flaunt your body highlighting your body's best features. It is perfect for shopping, parties, and vacations. You should keep in you

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