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There are so many celebrations to participate in during this festive season. Of course, you desire to look stylish and elegant for each of them. With a countless list of activities, each of which requires a different dress code, picking your Christmas party wholesale womens clothing has never been so exciting. This is the time of the year for you to dress up, go out, and have a good time while celebrating. No matter the event requires a casual, formal, business, or festive dress code, we have go

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Shake Your Crop Tops in Various Different Ways

Since the 1990s, wholesale crop tops for women and girls have become an important garment of western clothing. Many famous actresses and fashionista always love to throw on it that is why the trend for crop tops has grown from toe to head. Today, we find it comes with hoods, sheer fabric and what not. It looks quite flattering on all the body shapes. On the street, you can find the millions of crop top styles. Therefore, let’s move forward and have a look at the various different ways about how

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This season is time to be jolly and break out your holiday dresses! I love this time of the year best as no matter where you go, you can always dress up yourself! Wholesale party dresses are a staple in your wardrobe between November and January. And you never know when you will need one. I always prefer to have multiple options rather than under-dressed, so I like to keep a few dresses in my closet at this time of the year to be prepared for the last parties and invitation. Today I will introdu

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Wholesale Kids Sets for Boys

When you have a baby, it’s not getting up in the morning that’s hard. It’s how to dress your baby today.How to match the colors well. Look, don’t worry ! I’ve already prepared several wholesale kids sets for boys for you, boys only. Come and have a look.

  1. Two-piece Kid Boy Space Colorblock Set Hooded Sweatshirt Matching Pants

    kiskissing Wholesale Two-piece Kid Boy Space Colorblock Set Hooded

    This starry sky hoodie is a two-piece set. I mainly promoted the starry sky style clothes before, but this one is our latest product on the shelves. The starry sky is the best

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Men's formal shirts and trousers give sharp and tailored personalities in a contemporary way. Both are indispensable attire and will never go out of fashion. The best part is these garments come in an assortment of colours and each colour is more exciting than the other colour. They are appropriate for almost all events. Now, we shall shed light on these regular styling products in men's repertoire one by one.

Countless formal shirts for men are available in the vast styling domain. They help t

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These Elegant Party Dresses You can Wear Anywhere

At this time of the year, invitations to holiday parties are constantly pouring in, and you are faced with the task of picking out an amazing outfit for each event. You must want an outfit that says stylish yet sophisticated. Fortunately, we have covered it for you. Look no further than these celebrity-approved wholesale party dresses to help you choose your holiday party ensemble. Get ready to enter the appropriately festive entrance!

  1. Cocktail Party Dresses

    shestar wholesale sexy lace puff sleeve bodycon dressesIt’s essential for every woman to own s
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The humble cardigan is one of the most versatile item of costume in your closet. From spring to winter, it can transform your dress no matter where you are going. As one of the most timeless layers, you can wear it in so many ways. Fashionista and models all love this knitwear, so here’s how you can wear your wholesale women’s cardigans like a street style star.

Different Styles of Cardigans

  1. Long Cardigans

    shestar wholesale pocket stripe colorblock knitting cardigan

    Long cardigan is very suitable for wearing between the seasons, is the perfect blend of comfo

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The holidays are just around the corner and soon everything will be brightly lit and become shinier. This celebratory season also means you’ll need to get your wholesale holiday clothing ready for action.

The best part of the fall and winter months is the inevitable flood of parties, but they can be a little overwhelming. Maybe you have opened up your closet but realized that you either don’t have anything to wear or you’re uncertain what’s suitable for the event. You are in luck, we’re here to h

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The Ways to Style a Blazer Make You Look Fabulous

Nowadays, we aspire to bring convenience and versatility in our daily life, and your wardrobe shouldn’t be an exception. There are a few staple items that you need to add to your closet that will fit almost any occasion. You might have it sitting there right now but do not realize what it can do. We’re talking about the wholesale blazers! Blazers are no longer exclusively just for menswear or for professional business garment. You can easily turn what is typically reserved for a serious workplac

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From celebrity fashion shows to charming ballroom events, formal dinners, romantic book covers and casual parties, wholesale red dresses are seen on any occasions. Red, being a color of love and passion has prevailed as a stylish color and there’s no doubt that the elegant and beauty that comes when you wear a red dress. Any closet is incomplete without a classic red dress or two as they’re so widely loved and worn for various occasions. Here are some occasions where you can definitely rock your

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The trendy off-shoulder style has managed to make its way into every other fashion. Everywhere you look, you will see many women and girls with bare shoulders in an off shoulder blouse, off shoulder top or an off shoulder dress. In fact, compared with other off-shoulder styles, I prefer wholesale off-shoulder dresses, as its versatility can make you easily and confidently appear in various occasions.

One Style Creates Different Occasions

There’s nothing like putting on a restricted style of dress,

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Every guy has at least one white formal shirt in their wardrobe, but what they might not know is that it is one of the most repurposable pieces of clothing they own. You can carry a good-quality white button-down shirt on almost every occasion by pairing it with the right trousers and accessories to achieve the perfect look. So, without further ado, read below how you can style one shirt in 9 different ways.


1. Don over a classic-fit formal suit over your shirt with elegant chinos, pick one from

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Shoes To Wear With Long Formal Dress

Women's desire for shoes can have no comparison what so ever. Women can always be found spending their money on shoes. Many save dollars every month just to get their hands on the latest collections. The love for shoes every woman has cannot be measured. There are various designs and new collections of shoes that keep updating from time to time. Peep toes, flat sandals, stilettos, boots are some of the most common shoes that go with any dress. Brandable is a very popular brand housing some of th

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Theme Red Color Trend for Women's Formal Dress

red formal dresses


In the world of color, red is the oldest color of great research value. In the world of fashion, red has always been the dominant color. In S/S 2021, different from warm red in previous seasons, red turns towards finer cold purplish tones, endowing consumers with passionate and confident temperament.


red formal dress

Literally, azalea pink is inspired by rose red represented by azalea, and it's color of the new season. Growing in China, the azalea blooms in spring with luxuriant and beautiful colors, so it has

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5 Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Women

Every fashionista wants to make an impression with her style statement. To make it happen, a woman must have some stylish accessories in her wardrobe.

There are some days when every outfit you put on looks astonishing without any accessory or makeup thing. Then there are days when whatever wears looks like blah, no matter what you put on, something’s always missing.  At this point, must-have accessories come in. Fashion accessories such as belts, necklace, earrings, handbags, scarf, and many othe

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Nowadays, people have become very choosy, especially when it comes to fashion. With the growing digital era and ecommerce, consumers have ample of choices at their fingertips than ever before. Not only product, but they will get crucial information about the same easily. Within a few minutes, people can look at online reviews or even give their feedback about the same. Every segment of the fashion industry is growing, whether its clothing or shoe market. The digital era has empowered customers e

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Evening dresses are one of the toughest decision for the plus size women. Most of the outfits influence you to appear as though you are wearing a burlap sack, or they embrace all the wrong curves of your figure. As you shop on the web or in-store for your ideal dress, there are five things you have to remember to buy plus size special occasion dresses. Let’s check these things out.


1. Pick the Right Cut

The hunt for plus size dresses for special occasions begins with picking the right cut for your

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Formal Shirts Fabric Types

Formal Shirts can be made of many different materials each with their pros and cons. Let us look at each:

Cotton is a natural fabric. The threads are made from the cotton fibre and woven into a soft breathable fabric that suitable for tropical climates. Different species of the cotton plant exist native to India, Egypt and South America.
Many textile fabrics are made from cotton including denim, corduroy, socks, etc.


Linen is woven from the fibers of the flax plant. It is very abso

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Women love fashion and many are looking forward to add some casual dresses for weekend events and nigh outs. The casual dresses for women are a good choice for everyday wear and they fill almost all fashion needs save for the formal and dressy events. When it comes to the women dresses, there are many styles and colors to choose from, and every woman out there will find something that suits her needs.

What makes dress casual?

There are various differences between casual clothes for women and the o

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