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Funky Clothing can Offer Women a Fashionable Look

If you got tired of wearing the typical boring costumes at parties and dinners. Then here are some amazing wholesale womens clothing ideas for you that can bring vibrant and fresh colors to your closet and make the most of your sartorial expertise. Add some trendy fashion pieces to your wardrobe and match them to make it a perfect stylish look that will stand out from the crowd. The past year had some excellent color combinations and versatile cuts. Now you can take off those boring outfits and

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Revamp Your Closet with Stylish Women's Jackets

What comes to your mind when you think about updating your closet with some new stylish outfits for fall and winter? Wholesale womens jackets have gained much credibility and fame in fashion within a couple of decades. Continuously improvement in designs and styles keep the women to stick with it as the jacket is the only staple that suits to every dressing of women and girls.

Let's check out these fashion jackets which should be added to every woman's wardrobe for everyday use.

  • Single Breasted St

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Nowadays, fashion in the world is not meant for just celebrities and models. Each of us can also update our closet in every season. As we all know, fashion changes with each season of every year. We have picked some of the latest and most fashionable wholesale women’s outerwear to help you master the newest trend.

No. 1: Street Style Hooded Denim Long Windbreaker

shestar wholesale street style hooded denim long windbreakerHooded denim long windbreaker is very popular with many women and girls in autumn and winter. Most women will show their denim style whe

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Why Is Headwear Still An Important Accessory?

Certain individuals just love to accessorize. The more accessories the better, for some. Because people enjoy it, there are numerous embellishments from which to choose – i.e. jewelry, bags, shoes, scarves, and more. When it comes to headwear, that's an accessory, too! In fact, some people believe that headwear is the biggest and best adornment ever.

Let's take a look at the thinking behind that philosophy. Why are hats still an important accessory and what are the best ways to accessorize with h

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Bringing out aesthetics of street play

Shedding light on the rich lore-based aesthetic of street plays, the third edition of the Theruvarangu-2017, the street festival organised in memory of Bharat award winning actor and theatre personality P J Antony, will begin on March 1 in Kochi. Showcasing different style of narratives, stories and ideas, the festival will offer theatre aficionados some stunning performances in the form of new vibrant plays.


Around 12 plays and 48 presentations will be held at four venues. These pl

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The modern Dublin landscape is one of the stars of RTÉ's new drama, 'Striking Out', and so are the clothes which eagle-eyed costume designer, Tiziana Corvisieri selected from the Irish high street.

The glossy, contemporary drama is studded with lots of affordable fashion pieces, from Amy Huberman's character, Tara Rafferty, whose traditional solicitor's black suit is not from a high end designer brand but from Marks and Spencer.

The navy pinstripe suit worn by her cheating barrister boyfriend Eric

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Coconut milk offers the right balance of richness and fresh flavor for this napa cabbage-based coleslaw; mayonnaise and oily vinaigrettes were too heavy. For heat, we tried Asian hot sauces but preferred fresh chili “cooked” in lime juice, which mellowed the bite and helped disperse the heat more evenly. Fish sauce adds seasoning and pungency, but we found potency varies widely by brand (we like Red Boat, which is milder than other brands), so start slow and add to taste. Many vegetables worked

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Why designer bags have gone micro

The other day, I watched a five-year-old delving into a glitzy, Lilliputian-sized, quite obviously designer handbag. I wondered two things: who gives a designer handbag to a little girl, and what on earth might you carry in something so tiny?

I was about to mentally pass judgement when I realised that the bag actually belonged to her mother. It was further proof – if more were needed – that bags are shrinking, although I’m not sure anyone forecast they’d become credit-card sized.


photos:prom dress

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Tradition Turned Into Fashion

Indian fashion trends are blessed with rich and vibrant traditional crafts. Pieces of clothing are very different from the proportions of the people wearing them. It is only with various arts and crafts – a combination mixed with aesthetics – that they manage to look beautiful and flattering.



The Patola silk sarees are the best kinds of hand-weaving silk saree of India. They are very popular, and also called the ‘Queen of silk sari’. Patola sarees are not limited to women in India, but they

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Your Guide to Festival Clothing

EMPBIRTHDAY-BANNER.jpgimage credit: Neverland Blog

With a full program of music festivals on across Australia in October, now is the time for music lovers to start looking for suitable festival clothing to wear.  From blues festivals to beach festivals, there is something for everyone in the coming month, and this article will help you to choose the ideal clothing.

If you are going to one of the outdoors events, then you’ll want something that is easy to wear and comfortable, while also looking fashionable and smart.

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Chic and Stylish Street Style for Moms


Being a mother doesn’t instantly imply that you are subscribed to wearing sweatpants and wide shirts all your life. If you are not pregnant anymore, there is no reason to hold on to those comfy, drab clothes; time to toss it all away. Sure, there is a lot of work with kids and sometimes you think you don’t have enough time to dress up, but when you think about it, it really isn’t as time-demanding as it might seem. Trust us; just knowing a couple of style secrets, you’ll achieve that momtastic l

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New blog post “Wish Every Day was Christmas!” NOW up on La Mode by GV Miao fashion blog:

Arrrggghhh! I know I have literally had difficulties getting over my prolonged holiday mentality after the Christmas and New Year breaks but what can I do? Who said we cannot keep the holiday cheer alive all year long? Okay anyway I am so not ready to go back to reality, I may as well indulge myself in staying in wonderland a bit longer, mentally though. I paid my first visit to a snowless white Christmas mar

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As the seasons change, people tend to head out to buy new clothes that fit with the latest urban trends and fashions. The stores are crowded, merchandise quickly sells out, and popular items can be expensive as merchants inflate prices due to growing demand. For these reasons and more, oftentimes a person is forced to go home empty-handed in a situation like this. But clothing shopping doesn’t have to be this way; with the growing use and popularity of the internet, shopping online at a store li

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