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For parents, in the process of feeding babies, in addition to accompany and play with their children, there is another thing to worry about is buying wholesale children clothing. In summer, we worry about whether this clothing is breathable. In winter,we worry about whether this piece will keep warm and whether children will catch a cold. Is this clothing suitable for children, is it trendy? We will encounter a series of confusing questions.Buying clothing for children is also a science. In this

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Kiskissing Wholesale Children Clothing

Are you worried about how to find good quality and preferential price children's clothing wholesale company? Congratulations in advance, you have come to the right place. Kiskissing will be your best choice. We offer kinds of trendy clothing for babies, toddlers, and kids.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the production of clothing. Covering an area of 1700 square meters, we now have nearly 100 employees, all of whom are excellent technicians and mana

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When choosing baby clothes, parents usually tend to choose various jumpsuits for their babies. It has many benefits. It can not only shape the cute image of the child, but also take care of the child’s abdomen without appearing. The phenomenon of colds. Traditional trousers are straps or elastic bands. This kind of trousers has the risk of strangling the baby and affecting its bone development. For example, the baby’s internal organs are concentrated in the belly, and the rubber band on the wais

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Pajamas for Toddler Girls Wholesale

Welcome to We offer a wide range of children's wear, and today we're going to talk about wholesale children's pajamas. At night, the little ones recover from their discovery tours during the day. Here at KISKISSING, you will find a wide range of fashion matching wholesale girls pajamas or cute girls' sleep suits. Our kids' sleepwear and kids pajamas are favorites for moms and kids!

  1. 2 Pieces Kid Girl Christmas Pajamas Set Santa Top and Pants

    kiskissing wholesale 2-pieces kid girl christmas pajamas set santa top and pants

    Pajama pants of this Christmas style are

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4 Tips for Infant Toddler Girl Dresses

kiskissing wholesale infant toddler girl plaid love heart dressBuying wholesale infant toddler girl clothes is an interesting activity, but it is also a challenge, especially for new mothers and fathers, there are all kinds of infant toddler girl clothes, such as cute and comfortable dresses, bright colors, and different styles. little girl doesn't care what she wears, but she may prefer to be comfortable. Therefore, mommies pay attention to different tips when buying clothes for the infant toddler girl, this time to share with you is to buy a dress for the

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Wholesale Toddler Clothing

As we all know, toddler’s clothing gets dirty easily, due to they are learning to walk and need to change many sets of clothes at the end of the day. In this case, wholesale toddler clothing becomes necessary, which will give you a lot of conveniences. This time I will share the wholesale toddler clothing.


  1. Choose the Soft Clothing Fabrics


    Toddlers are in a developmental stage and are not very good at expressing, so the fabrics of the clothing are very important. Most of the clothes are made of cot

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Any girls will have a dress that she likes, but for toddler girls, should they also have wholesale girls dresses of their own? Absolutely! So that they will be beautiful from an early age, and they can bloom in their most beautiful moments in childhood.

  • Yellow Dress

    kiskissing wholesale toddler girl floral bowknot patchwork mesh dress

    No one can resist the charm of the floral dress. The yellow flowers are dotted on it. The white background is fresh and simple. The shape is very slim. The upper body effect is very beautiful. The bow is designed with ruffled trim and

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14th February; a day dedicated to love! This day gives us a wonderful chance to show our affection, our care to the one we love the most. If you are blessed with a baby girl, definitely you love her and wish to make her special every day. Then why not on this Valentine, you make the things extraordinary for your little angel. And this would be possible by picking the beautiful baby girl Valentine's outfit.

Undoubtedly, your one nice choice of dress can add a touch of chic to your Valentine's part

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Pallas ivory toddler flower girl dresses has actually been providing a feel of sexy temptation. With distinctive details design, exquisite fabrics, and smooth tailoring, it brings a different type of sexy beauty to style bridal gown. Let us have a look at exactly what a type of surprise Pallas Couture wedding dress brings with silk and lace to us.

Summer wedding dress series of works and Pallas Couture 2014 spring utilizes a great deal of high-grade lace to provide an analysis of the charming and

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Finding the perfect party dress for your baby girl is one of the most difficult tasks. It isn’t any job that you can finish within hours; mothers put much of their effort and consider numerous aspects before taking the final decision. She cannot take decisions randomly; she needs to ensure that the fitting, style and color, everything looks perfect on her toddler. It’s her responsibility to make the baby girl look best in the entire celebration. Although, there are various types and styles of to

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Wedding dresses gowns from French brand Hervé Mariage 2012 collection will make you fall in love with them. Like pretty, princess-like gowns? This is the collection for you! They are gorgeous and simply classic. Sophisticated design and delicate details are the point. Let’s have a look...


This dress got your attention, didn’t it? This traffic-stopping silk and taffeta ball gown wedding dress used the bright Chinese red. It is called Louisiane and it is also available in ivory.


It’s Libellule silk
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Flawless Flower Girl!

Flower girl dresses have never been more fashionable. If you want to find a fantastic selection of fashion forward dresses for a toddler flower girl, here is a sneak peek at the newest arrivals available to view.




This cotton tank dress with 2 tiered skirt and oversized flower detail at waist is a flawless toddler flower girl dress. Embellished with adjustable self-tie bow with button back detail, it is afabric element features multiple layers.




The picture of precious this dress will simply lig

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Halloween Star Wars Costumes

haloween-img1.gif haloween-img2.gif haloween-img4.gif haloween-img3.gif

Everybody likes to dress up as their favorite characters when it comes to Halloween. Star wars costumes are one of the best choices for kids as they like to wear the Star Wars costumes to look like real Star Wars characters. Halloween party is one of the most important occasions for many people in this world. There are various kinds of attractive costumes available in the market but, Star Wars costumes are the most popular of them. If you are planning to buy something special for your loving

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For the Toddler Divas of the World

Accessorize Me! Set: Tee, Jeans, ShrugI have two tiny divas of my own, so I knew the Accessorize Me! collection would have to be part of my toddler girls' line.

I knew it the day my 2-year-old sached into the kitchen where my husband had just arrived from work, struck a pose, and waited for him to compliment her new shoes.

I knew it when my 4-year-old became fascinated with filing her nails and having them painted.

I knew it when, a year before that when she was still perfecting the finer points of speech, she asked me for a cotton bal
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The Princess and the Pea

612YHCSZ8NL._SS500_.jpgHow could I have understood, before giving birth to a Princess, the humor of The Princess and the Pea?

It can get to you, if you lose your sense of humor about it. Some little girls are simply born with an acute sensitivity to anything -- ANYTHING -- that rubs them the wrong way.

I suppose I was this way myself as a girl; perhaps that is why I find myself designing little girls' clothing.

My little princess had issues with jeans. She simply would not wear them. Denim was just not soft enough to be
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"I Want to Do it Myself!!"

Have you ever heard this from your toddler or preschool-aged girl? Especially in the area of apparel, it seems they have an independent streak.

This has several interesting results. Firstly, in dressing themselves they reach new and interesting heights of clash. Secondly, it seems that more than 50% of their clothing is on backwards at any given time. Finally, they gravitate towards wearing certain items as often as possible, while leaving others (the ones we like best) lying forlornly in the dra
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Flattering Lines for Little Girls

41GWRPZ1CVL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA240_SH20_OU01_.jpgMy favorite fashion & style book has to be Does This Make Me Look Fat? by Leah Feldon. The title is perhaps somewhat misleading, in that it is not a strictly thinness-oriented book. It gives some very helpful tips on looking chic and having an artistically well-proportioned ensemble.

This, more than any other style handbook, has helped me in designing toddler girls' clothing. For a toddler, looking "fat" is not the issue. The shape and proportions of a toddler's body are so unlike an adult woman'
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Pixy Friends for Little Pixies

Pixyworld fairy swing top with shortsIt's not hard to see the logic behind Pixyworld doing a collection called Pixy Friends. There's something irresistible about the idea of magical people, when children are concerned.

My inspirations for this collection, besides my own little pixies, were C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia and Johhny Gruelle's Raggedy Ann & Andy stories. My own children love these stories, wanting them read aloud, and then reading them on their own as soon as they are old enough.

I fell in love with the fairy embr
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I see London, I See France...

homepageWhit1.jpgI volunteer occasionally to work in the preschool class at church, and as much as I love the age, being a preschool girl does come with its fashion dilemmas.

In fact, I began designing children's clothes with just these dilemmas in mind. These little girlies are at the prime dress-wearing age, and they look as pretty as posies in their twirly dresses and piggy-tales.

But, they do tend to expose themselves for all the world to see. Parents tend to either ignore this problem -- fair enough, I guess
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P11418039.jpgThere is something absolutely adorable about toddler jewelry. I used to make jewelry to go with my outfits when I was doing customs on eBay, but when I began manufacturing for Pixyworld I had to simplify things for awhile, and I miss the jewelry!

I bought this sweet silver ring recently for my preschooler, from, and she just loves it. It fits perfectly on her little ring finger, even though she is so small. (A size 1 actually exists -- who knew??)

I do have to help her keep track of
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