What is Muslin? Is it a good fabric? Why should I include in my collection? 

If any of above question relates to you, then this is a must to read blog post for you. Being one of sustainable clothing manufacturer, we hugely recommend Muslin Fabric to our clients but quite often they're in double mind whether they should go with it or not. However, usually we make a sample or send a fabric swatch but that is not possible always. As a kidswear / newborn clothing line owner you might be thinking a fabric which is most recommended and its all about.

Our fabric expert team has compiled a very informative details for you. Please have a read : 

Muslin Fabric : Everything You Should Know Before You Consider It for Your Next Collection in 2022

This is a best ever piece of information for startups as well as small and emerging kids and newborn clothing labels who are planning to launch their dream collection. Billoomi Fashion® is a highly specialized, super skilled and professionally run clothing manufacturer for small businesses with the desire and passion to provide end-to-end clothing manufacturing services precisely matching to your custom design and specification.

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