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Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression that allows us to showcase our unique style and personality. The world of fashion is ever-evolving, with new trends emerging each season. In this blog post, we will embark on a fashion journey and explore the latest trends that are taking the industry by storm. From clothing to accessories, we will cover it all, helping you stay ahead of the fashion curve.


1: Clothing Trends

1.1 Retro Revival: Embracing the fashion of the past with vintage-inspired pie

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Saree, a traditional Indian garment, has witnessed a fascinating revolution over the years. From its humble beginnings as a symbol of tradition and culture, the saree has evolved into a fashion statement that captures the essence of grace and elegance. In this blog, we will explore the revolution of the saree and its impact on today's fashion landscape.

I. The Origins of the Saree:

To truly appreciate the revolution of the women saree, we must delve into its rich history. The saree traces its root

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The Saree is known to be feminine, classy, and graceful—everything a woman’s wardrobe requires. In India, every lady of every age adores and embraces it in addition to being valued as an ancestral item. One of the many variations on this timeless symbol that designers have introduced is the organza saree, which feels light as air while striking the ideal balance between sensual & elegant. These sarees have become more popular among young ladies who want to wear the garment but don’t want one tha

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Saree Online

Saree is one of the most worn attires from India and it is loved by one and all. It’s forever versatile, comfortable, and stylish. Our heart is also filled with love for it! Want to create an Indian look with traditional charm? Worry not! Because brings you a world of exquisite sarees online from all corners of India.


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Buy Saree Online For Special Occasion

If you are looking to buy sarees that you can adorn on different occasions, Then you should visit that offers the latest sarees with prices for weddings, festivals, casuals, and all kinds of celebrations. Each saree varies according to unique styles, works, and detailing.


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Women get to re-invent themselves by building the outer look to harbor the shift in self-image. Bollywood, a dreamland of the Indian film industry is one of the biggest sources to know the latest trends of the industry and adapting the same in real life. From skinny jeans to glittery short skirts, the style never fails to impress. Even the drapes of a saree have their charm exhibited by actresses in the land of Bollywood. So much so that a simple printed sarees is carried off with such grace and

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Saree is a very appealing attire for a woman. 

If you are attending an Indian wedding there are few choices you have to wear:

  • Lehenga choli - 3 piece dress includes a blouse as top, skirt and a long veil
  • Salwar kameez - It is also 3 piece dress, long top up to knee usually but shorter versions called Patiala is also available. And a pant
  • Anarkali - it is similar to Salwar kamiz but the top is a long gown upto ankle or floor with a tight pant called churidar.
  • Saree -  Again 3 piece outfit, top include
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Many fashionable Indian men and women prefer western dresses that are often more convenient to wear for daily uses in colleges, offices or formal parties. But the ethnic Indian attires are greatly loved by all the people of this country, irrespective of their age or social status. Indian garbs are mainly favoured for the sophisticated elegance of these clothing styles. There are different varieties of Indian men’s and women’s wears. But it is necessary to identify the types of Indian costumes th

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Latest Party Wear Sarees Online Shopping in India

Latest Party Wear Sarees Online Shopping in India

Get latest collection in party wear sarees online at the best price in India for festival season 2017. Party wear sarees are best to wear during the inauguration, parties and special functions like anniversary, engagement ceremony. You can pair delicate earings with this outfit to get extraordinary look.


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As an Indian woman you are certainly careful regarding your attire and will always love to dress up in the best possible manner. You love attention from the men and while your facial beauty helps a lot in this regard, the dress can also play a constructive role. You would certainly want to add a touch of grace and elegance to personality and so we suggest that as a part of social attire stress on the best of sari inspired dress. The sari has always been the traditional Indian clothing and genera

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If you are wearing the same studs and danglers at all events, it is time to try something new to your jewellery box. Earcuff is a latest accessory in town. With fancy earcuffs you can add a fierce, sci-fi element to your outfits.  Ear Cuffs are really easy to wear as well as very affordable. Moreover, there is no need to take painful piercing, yayyy!!!


Though it is so tiny in size, its impact is great. From minimalist, delicate designs to more extravagant and bold designs, we have found few A-li

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Sarees are known to have captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. Indian designer saree are considered the epitomes of cultural and regional diversity of the country. Its popularity is so far away those even western women are fascinated by this court six meters cloth that is draped around the body. Most people think it is this unique fabric that accentuates the beauty of Indian women.


  • Banarasi silk saree
  • Pure silk saree
  • Kanchipuram saree
  • Bandhani saree
  • Cotton saree
  • Chiffon saree
  • Hand
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Accessorizing Indian Wedding Sarees

Style is an artistic expression. It is a method for communicating your own internal excellence as on general look involving the garments as well as the ideal extras. Couples of ladies understand the significance of adorning, particularly with regards to flawless ethnic styles like the Indian wedding saree. With the right adornments, the entire look can be unobtrusively modified to coordinate the event and individual tastes. Then again excessively showy or excessively basic embellishments may ver

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Stay Stylish and up to date with the latest trends in ethnic wear and keep looking for some new fashion innovations. Of course staying stylish with ethnic wear is no easy task but keeping track of the latest trends can help. We can recommend some Ethnic wear online portals which will help you to knowing latest trends in Indian ethnic wear and have a great collection -

Ethnic attire has always enjoyed atte

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Essential Saree Styles

Sarees are one of the most elegant garments in India. They have been worn in the Indian subcontinent for centuries and though their design and style has evolved over the years, they have remained an extremely popular and commonly worn style of Indian dress. Today, there are many different types of sari design options in the market, for formal wear as well as casual wear. These are some of the must-have sarees for women who want to make sarees a part of their style:

Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees

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