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Hair Accessories can Give You a Distinctive Look

This is a list of some stunning wholesale hair accessories for women and girls to enhance their beautiful hair. Accessories make even the basic costumes worth wearing, highlighting the beauty of a simple casual dress, but this requires you to put in the same efforts for accessorizing your hair. Now it’s time to try the same and get a few of them as no look is complete without a wonderful hair accessory. They appear in different forms such as hairpins, headbands, hair hoop and so much more. We ha

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simply U -a collection for the minimalist you


Inspired by minimalism and the millenials love for natural,effortless and elegance that define their contemporary look.
simply u is a collection of simple yet romantic designs, crafted with precision and love. The styles that dress you up, even without actually having to dress up. The styles that let you be!

Simply U', the first series of this minimalistic collection has pearl based styles.
The kind of jewelry you'll never want to take off! Classic pearl studs are the simple studs anyone can thin

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How to Wear Diamond and Pearl All Together?

Diamonds are the absolute masterpiece which is been praised by every women’s heart and on the other hand pearls make the mysterious and elegance appearance known for the classy statement. Most of the people believe these beautiful pieces as statement jewellery and can’t be worn together. But in reality, these stones can be paired together which will give a luxurious and fabulous look to your attire on their own.

These two stone works as a supporter of each other, pearl balance the bright shine of

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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to choose which pearl jewelry to buy online? There are so many questions. What is the difference between type A and type B? Why is the one more expensive than the other?

We'd like to clear up some of the confusion for you, which is why we are comparing two types of popular pearls that both come in large sizes: Edison pearls and South Sea pearls.

South Sea pearls are produced inside the Pinctada maxima mollusk, found throughout the Indian and Pacific Oc

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Stay Classy And Modern While Wearing Pearls

Who said that wearing pearls with your outfit means that you look dated and old? There is nothing pre-historic about wearing pearls, ladies. Look at the iconic look of Kathryn Hepburn from the movie Breakfast and you will know what we are talking about.

You will totally be able to rock out your modern outfits with your pearl jewellery. However, you do have to know how to do that correctly. It is time to give your pearl set a nice little modern makeover, ladies. Stay tuned for some more info.


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Throughout the 1900’s the diamonds were the dominant force when it came to be adorning oneself with luxurious form of jewellery. However, the generation who are a part of the millennial age group are open to wearing different forms of precious stones. Now a days, jewellery studded with coloured stones have gained immense popularity in the contemporary era especially when it comes to buying engagement rings, wedding bands and other unique forms of fine jewellery.

It is a fact that a real diamond e

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Yes, Valentine’s Day is always deemed to be the most romantic day of the year even though they say there’s no single day for romance. Despite all such love quotes and sayings, almost all couples wait throughout the year to do something special on Valentine’s Day. But the most disturbing thing is bearing all the pressure to plan a perfect day and to buy the perfect gift for your beloved. If you’re already on the hunt for a romantic V’day gift, we’re here to help you out with some ideas. Skip goin

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A nice feature of this collection is that it is affordable for the woman of every standard.  Jewelry is always considered as an important accessory for the women and girls as its demand even in the ancient times made it worthy.
Wearing jewelry is the most famous and the most favorite hobby of all the ladies all around the world. The style and designs of jewelry is totally depends on your own taste and nature.
It is very traditional jewelry and on the same time it is very trendy and stylish too. Th

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8843239699?profile=originalThe magical beauty of pearls -

featuring Masato Pearls, Valerie Ostenak, Larissa Landinez, Alexander McQueen and more.

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Uncle Karl.

 Roaming around The Village Jewel last week I found what I thought was a Kenneth Jay Lane necklace based on the 'KL' signature. I almost didn't buy it but the little faux pearl insets coupled with the fact that I hadn't seen anything like it, I just couldn't let it go. Once home, I decided to do a bit of research and found that what I have is a vintage Karl Lagerfeld design from the 80's.
I can't find anymore information on this piece so costume jewelry collectors/Lagerfeld fans, please share if
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A Morning at Saks.

Earlier this week I received an invite to a meet & greet with Saks Chanel Assoc. Buyer Kelly Gillen. At first I didn't think I would go but what better way to start the morning than playing in a sea of Chanel?
Kelly & I.
Even ran into my dear friend Katrina (left) of KiK Vantage.
What better to end with than the beyond runway pearls from the Spring 13' runway show. 
Dreamy gorgeousness!
Jacket - Chanel (from Spring 02')
Dress - thrifting find :-)
Necklace - vintage - (similar here on Ebay)
Eel skin clu
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Hottest Jewelry Trends for 2011

With the forever changing trends in jewelry, fashion; the color of jewelry & fashion, etc...Keeping up with all the trends hasn't been the easiest thing and have really become somewhat of a dominant factor in fashion nowadays, just masquerading as ones own "personal style". Even so, curiosity always seem to get the better of us humans. So what's the hottest jewelry trends for 2011? Is there an overall theme you should watch out for when your my Fashion Jewelry store?*wink wink* :]
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Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a great opportunity for me to introduce you all about our traditional family company. Our family & village have long history of making craft thing like embroidery. In the modern time, since 1997, our company start making handbag with traditional materials which are bamboo, rattan, mother of pearl ( seashell), buffalo horn. First 4 years, we sold for local shops in Hanoi, Vietnam. We started exporting handmade handbags since 2001 & established company in 2005.

Have you ever
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Is this a vintage year for you?

Vintage clothing and accessories have always been big news, and never more so than this year.

So what is vintage? Well, there is genuine vintage clothing – classic (and some not so classic) styles and designers which you can pick up in specialist boutiques up and down the UK, or online. Most of these cover every decade right back to the 1920s. Then of course, we have “vintage style” – an up to the minute take on an older style, of which the “flapper” dress, is a great example.

True vintage clothin
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Let your earrings make a statement

Just come across this photo of The Saturdays’ Una Healey wearing a gorgeous little black ra-ra number, an oversized tote bag and some of the most humongous earringsI’ve ever seen.


The advice is that if you’re dressing down yet want to give your outfit some wow factor, one statement accessory is all you need. We’ve already looked at necklaces, but taking a leaf from Una’s book, I’ve put together some slightly less enormous yet nevertheless stunning earrings.

I’m starting off with these pearl earrin
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Tips on buying drop pearl earrings

All jewelry is designed to dress up us. So when we choose drop pearl earrings, we should pay attention on the following aspects to pick out the perfect earrings.The drop pearl earrings should be chosen according to the face shape. Very often, the earrings you wear can bring attention to the face. Attached to a stud or hung from a chain, the drop earrings can well draw attention on the chin. When you choose the drop pearl earrings, you need to make sure it can really be nice complement to your fa
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Tips for pricing a pearl jewelry

pearl jewelry now is more and more popular among people; more and more people tend to buy them. Though there is no right or wrong way to choose the pearl jewelry, but we still have to pay much attention to the pearl price. Here about the price I will give you some guidance on pricing the pearl jewelry.When you buy a pearl jewelry, there are there three things that you must pay much attention to that is the pearl color, pearl size and pearl luster. These are the three main aspects to decide the v
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