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Buy Three-Stone Sapphire Rings to Celebrate Love


In this ever-evolving world, people have become more fashion conscious and they always look to have something unique when it comes to dress or jewelry. People love for gemstone jewelry has increased over the years because gemstones come in a wide range of colors.

When you wear rings studded with colorful stones, it will sparkle and catch the attention of people around you. You will be mesmerized by the glow and charm of your ring. Sapphire is a delightful gemstone that is as popular as diamonds.

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How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?

If you plan to walk into a Diamond Store, talking about how you know all about the 4 Cs of Diamonds (Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat), you will spend too much Money. The Salesman makes a commission on what you buy. He won’t ask you, “are man-made diamonds cheaper?” He wants you to spend as much as possible. – Guide: How to Choose a Diamond in Low Budget?


The Jewelry Store Is Not Your Friend:
First, remember the salesman is not there to help you. He is there to get you to spend money. All Jewelry

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Fine Jewellery for Dhanteras


Diwali- The most loved festival of the country is known as the festival of illumination which spans across five days. Dhanteras is a day when the celebrations of Diwali begin, people start making over their house, lighting it with ‘diyas’, LED lights etc., and mainly people shop all the valuable or posh things on this day. In India it is considered propitious to buy or gift something made of precious metal. That is why Perrian is the right choice to buy jewellery made of gold metal this Dhantera

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The few things that pops in your mind when you hear the word ‘Diwali’ is invariably one of the these; lighting, fireworks, chocolates and sweets! One of the most celebrated and the largest festival of India, this festival is about spending time with your loved ones. To add to this people usually try and make the festive period happier by exchanging gifts with relatives, friends and younger siblings.

Why Should you Gift Something on Diwali?

There is a very old tradition and notion associated with t

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Throughout the 1900’s the diamonds were the dominant force when it came to be adorning oneself with luxurious form of jewellery. However, the generation who are a part of the millennial age group are open to wearing different forms of precious stones. Now a days, jewellery studded with coloured stones have gained immense popularity in the contemporary era especially when it comes to buying engagement rings, wedding bands and other unique forms of fine jewellery.

It is a fact that a real diamond e

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Why To Wear A Ruby Gemstone Pendant

Wearing a ruby gemstone in your pendant or necklace is a great fashion statement. It has the same effect as wearing a ring with ruby. However, some people still have hesitations on whether they can wear a ruby gemstone in their pendant. Asking a few friends will only yield a few vague answers based on their experiences or hearsay. It is up to believe what you hear. Most important of all, your judgment counts on why to wear a ruby gemstone pendant.

8843858654?profile=originalWhen still perplexed on whether to get the pendan

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When it comes to cheap rings, it's difficult to think of finding your favorite genuine gem in a setting of precious silver. Several other metals are readily available such as plated brass or stainless steel, but none can match the natural strength and beauty of this metal. With the rising prices of silver and the rarity of natural stones, it seems impossible to discover a cool ring under $30. Here are 12 amazing cheap rings rich with genuine gems in precious metals.

  1. Crisp Sky Blue Topaz Ring Pres
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How To Find The Best Ruby Gemstone

Are you looking at how to get the best ruby gemstone? Well, just glancing at this gem inspires ideas of grandeur and awe. The ruby is known as Ratna Raj in Sanskrit meaning king of all gemstone. This gem has been worshipped throughout the ages for its incredible beauty coupled with sheer strength. The ruby gemstone has always been captivating even before people started thinking about diamond as the most sought-after gem. Here’s how to find the best ruby gemstone.


Background about rubies

Ruby gets

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The Lazy Girl's Guide To Jewellery

Don't assume all girl gets excited at the arrival of the modern jewellery styles. She is simply not excited about wearing new jewellery. While her girl gang is discussing the newest baroque styled pearl earrings online, all she does is roll her eyes and gets back again to reading. It really is like an unwanted and tiring process to truly go and shop! Relatable much? Well, the good thing is we have figured you out and know your quirks. Don't learn how to couple up some jewellery with a proper ski

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Jasper is an element of earth and rock. It is made of quartz, which comprises 12% of the Earth's surface. Therefore, it is much grounded, known as nurturing and caring shield. Jasper is a powerful healing, help, support and stones. It allows us to exist in nature and absorbed by the Earth's frequency. Bonding, it is by the color of the earth, and may include brown, red, and yellow. Because it often contains mineral oxides, Jaspers many different patterns and multicolored designs.


Healing Properti

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Pisces born between February 19 and March 20, are very spiritual, intuitive, think so compassionate and kind to others, they tend to assume too much of other people's problems. These features representatives Pisces sun sign. Sun sign to your interests and personality, but your rising sign, moon sign is in creating your character's personality. Rising sign, also known as the rising sign, sometimes you can be better than your sun sign performance because it determines how others perceive you.



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First, it is my dear friend's wedding. What is beautiful and special gift will also last a lifetime? What is the most important gift also reflects the spirit of love surrounding her life in this particular incident? I immediately knew the answer: I chose the pearl necklace her mother. 


My friend hugged me when she saw the necklace; I explained some of the nurturing and protection of mother of pearl. I have always believed that more of the world than we know, she said. I'll wear it to work, to hel

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Ancient culture has been used to treat a variety of crystals and stones physical and mental illnesses, but they are still widely used in today's busy modern world. Even if you suspect that crystal healing, give it a try never hurt, because it is absolutely safe, incredible treatment. There are a variety of stones and crystals to choose from, but we have been able to collect from your aura that apparent negative energy, to provide clarity and vibrant small list. Negative energy can easily be stuc

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A nice feature of this collection is that it is affordable for the woman of every standard.  Jewelry is always considered as an important accessory for the women and girls as its demand even in the ancient times made it worthy.
Wearing jewelry is the most famous and the most favorite hobby of all the ladies all around the world. The style and designs of jewelry is totally depends on your own taste and nature.
It is very traditional jewelry and on the same time it is very trendy and stylish too. Th

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Most Popular Women’s Jewelry

We all are well aware about the love of women for jewelry. There can be no woman across the globe whose heart won’t melt at the sight of dazzling jewelry. Let’s learn about the most popular pieces of jewelry worn by the women.


The rings have the power to give instant make over to the hands of the wearer. They have created their own niche in the world of jewelry as they hold special place at the time of engagement and the wedding. The most popular styles of rings are solitaire rings, halo

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Mystical powers of precious gemstones

Yesterday evening, I was reading some jewelry articles and came across an interesting blog about emerald at that titled ‘mystical powers of emerald’. I found the write-up very informative, and at the same time, intriguing to read.

Right that moment, it clicked my mind to discuss the magical and spiritual properties of some of the precious members of the gemstone family. It is really essential and fascinating to know the importance of the gemstone jewelry you wear. What al

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