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July 11, 2012 --   Kim Andrews, owner designer of Kids on Top, decided to do this project as the culmination of an ambitious summer of activity that included the re launching of a newly designed website ( and the design and introduction of an adjustable scarf headband accessory to her product line. "I was so full of ideas and excitement for the direction my company was taking. I wanted to be able to follow through on these ideas so I decided to launch this campaign to enable me

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I am sure you have all seen those adverts saying, "…become a top model…".  Or "You can become a model in only 6 weeks…" etc.trans.gif

I find it sad and pathetic that so many kids and parents fall for those solicitations.  I can only imagine how much money is tossed out the window by so many those hoping to become models via the Modeling Schools offering fame and fortune in the fashion business.

So for those of you reading this and hoping to become models, let me edify you to the r

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You stop in Lollie all the time, but how much do you really know about the designers we carry? Adorable.. yes! Great quality.. absolutely! But wait.. there’s more!! 


Here’s the 4-1-1 on some of our favorite brands…


Angel Dear
Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Angel Dear is known for their lasting value and attention to special details. Featuring take-me-home gowns to blankies and rattles, Lollie is your one-stop Angel Dear shop for your infant’s needs.


Designed by Susan Lazar, Egg launche

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lollie Blog: Summer Essentials 101

It’s a beautiful day today… The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and it is so warm with a light, refreshing breeze. Summer seems to finally be on its way!! Summer is a time filled with family vacations, birthday parties, and days spent playing outside with your little ones. Are you prepared?


Summer Essentials 101

-Summer dresses :: Bright colored sleeveless dresses are a must-have for your little girl! Whether you are looking for spaghetti strap, ruffle mini-sleeves, or halter, these dresses are

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Halloween Star Wars Costumes

haloween-img1.gif haloween-img2.gif haloween-img4.gif haloween-img3.gif

Everybody likes to dress up as their favorite characters when it comes to Halloween. Star wars costumes are one of the best choices for kids as they like to wear the Star Wars costumes to look like real Star Wars characters. Halloween party is one of the most important occasions for many people in this world. There are various kinds of attractive costumes available in the market but, Star Wars costumes are the most popular of them. If you are planning to buy something special for your loving

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Halloween Kids Costumes

Halloween Kids Costumes - Designed for fun

Kids wait for the Halloween. They love enjoying the Halloween night to the fullest. Costumes play an important part in their celebrations. There are varieties of Halloween Kids Costumes available in the market. From scary costumes to funny dresses- there are choices galore for the kids. Here is list of some cool Halloween kids costumes ideas for your little prince or princess.

  • Superhero Costumes - The market is filled with costumes of super heroes like ba
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Only the fashion obsessed would know that Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz in the southern New York City borough of The Bronx in 1939 to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant parents.

With such a modest upbringing, becoming the world famous designer behind a multi million pound company would seem like an unachievable goal, but the Ralph Lauren brand we know and love today would never have been, had Ralph Lauren come from more, as it would have never have been his goal to focus his life on achievi

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As we as adults are becoming more fashion conscious, it would also seem that our children are beginning to become more fashion conscious too. They are also wanting the latest designer fashions. Again, this is not surprising as our own behaviour reflects on our children. This is exactly why certain stores have opened online to help you and your children to pick out the best kids designer clothes for them.

You may be wondering as to what big brand designers actually make clothes, as well. Luckily,
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The Next Level of Kid’s Fashion



Watch out all grown up people, there’s new competitor in fashion town. It’s not about men who looks metrosexual anymore. That was so 2000 late. It’s your kid/nephew/niece. Not like our childhood memory, when we ain’t care the way we look, these (very-very) young generation is all about look. They won’t ride bike or play in park with their last night pajamas (like we used to). And don’t even think to buy the same clothes (for the worst part: also in the same colour) for the sibling (thanks to our

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Why Wovens but Not Knits??

UKI-8007-136.jpg?571522717It's a little puzzling, given the immense popularity of knit fabrics in fashion today, why knit prints are relatively hard to find. Premier fabric designers like Robert Kauffman (pictured), Amy Butler, and Michael Miller all seem to design prints produced exclusively as woven fabrics.

Is this because their target market is primarily quilters? Today, with the emergence of so much patchwork in boutique apparel, there would seem to be a growing market for designer knit prints.

At this point, Pixyworl
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Ten Colors By Pantone To Color Your Spring

Tired of searching for the best colors this spring? You are not alone. Every woman who pays spends the maximum share of her attention to the dye of the apparel it is submerged in, can feel so as nothing inspirational seemed to have arrived so far for spring, until much awaited Pantone colors came to the fore. Read More
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Little Kid/Big Kid -- and in beTween

If I've heard it once, I've heard it 100 times -- Pixyworld needs to add bigger sizes. Moms want it, girls want it. So this season we're adding sizes 6 and 7.

There is an age, though, where kids stop wearing matched sets. Not that all kids wore them before that age -- but they definitely go from cool to uncool somewhere around age 7. Funny, isn't it?

My two boys, 9 and 7, have made the transition. Now they don't just not match -- they usually clash. Boys' athletic clothes are sold as separates, fo
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Probably, the most fashionable person in your family, with a curious and detailed sense of fashion, is none but your own and very very special little-and-school-going daughter. Being a mother you very easily notice that she is carries no less quantum of fashion instincts than her mother does in terms of spring/summer kids clothing. Read More
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Clothes for All Shapes and Sizes

3d8a1f5c_1.jpgOh, to fit all toddler shapes and sizes!

I love to hear from customers that a toddler outfit fits perfectly... and it's a hard-won compliment!

Babies and toddlers do come in ALL shapes and sizes. Did you ever stop to consider that women's clothes are sizedmainly according to body proportions, assuming that basic measurements like height, arm length, and inseam aremore or less the same for all women?

With baby & toddler clothes, all bets are off, and every measurement is up for grabs! A 4T has to tr
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We've got some exciting news! Dashin Fashion is a candidate for the second annual StartupNation Home-Based 100 Competition. StartupNation Home-Based 100 is a ranking of outstanding home-based businesses and the amazing people behind them.Please vote for us and help us influence the judges' decisions on who will be selected as the 100 winners.Throughout October, you can vote each day for Dashin Fashion.Thanks for your support!
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