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Most Creative Makeup Packaging in 2020

2020 is a year of creativity and innovation. The brands which work exceptionally on their packaging design stand out the crowd. When it comes to cosmetics, it is one of the most influencing industries. It has the capability of generating loyal customers for a lifetime. In addition to a perfect product, the next thing which inspires a customer is its packaging. If your brand becomes successful in creating well-designed makeup boxes, you are on the right way to success. Some of the wholesale cosme

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Inspiring Nail Paint Ideas for this Christmas

Although the whole cosmetic industry is progressing by leaps and bounds and almost all products of this business are equally liked and utilized by the masses, but some of them are more frequently utilized than the others. For example, nail paints or polishes have immense liking among the consumers. These products are utilized to give unique colors to nails and are also important to bring shine to these body parts. They are mostly in liquid or gel state and are protecting from pouring off by mist

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Having a manicure or pedicure is no longer an extravagance for most people. They are more accessible than ever and the options within each category have expanded to accommodate moms, business women, fashion forward seekers, etc. Because manis and pedis are now more adaptable than ever, the benefits they provide are available to anyone. We'll outline a few of the primary reasons someone might want to consider getting their nails done on a regular basis.

Weather Worn
The extremes of the seasons c

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Special Traits of Custom Nail Polish Boxes

In order to represent your manicure collection, one of the great ideas is to make use of beautiful packaging. Making use of custom nail polish boxes would help in satisfying your desire.

Customized nail polish boxes

A trendy item nail polish requires a packaging solution that not only encases it, but preserves within it for a long period of time without making any harm to it. Other than portability, these boxes do feature flexibility as can be produced in distinctive shapes, sizes and styles accor

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Nail extensions are becoming very important these days. Beautiful hands have always been a part of the entire grooming process. Nail extensions become an important fashion accessory after the women saw what it did to their hands! If you are someone who is reckless with the upkeep of their hands, then you would know how your nails chips and look unsightly and crooked. However, with nail extensions, you can eliminate this problem by giving your hands the protective cover it needs. As if chipped na

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Painting your nails used to mean boring reds and pinks that chip away fast. Now nail decorating has become an art! With tons of unique nail polishes on the market, it is easy to find a new favorite. Check out the list below for some amazingly gorgeous nail art polish ideas.

1. Chrome Mirror

Chrome mirror polish gives your nails a fierce, reflective look. This polish matches with any outfit and looks amazing dressed up or down! Chrome nails can look bad once they start to chip, though, so get an at

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Four Top Benefits Of Shellac Manicure

Do you feel like flaunting long, properly manicured painted nails? Do not worry about how to get those. In today’s world, nothing is impossible.


In the field of manicure too the Creative Nail Design (CND) has brought a revolution by introducing a whole new kind of nail polish, which was unknown till this decade. Shellac nail polish are basically a mixed breed of common nail polish and gel. The best thing about these is the nails needs no filing and lasts on the nails for about 14 days, without ch

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The Beauty of 3D Nail Art

Visit Vancouver weekly Nail Salon is a routine for me. I like to keep nails clean and well maintained. Which includes having a great colors and handmade nail Vancouver Japanese very fashionable.

Visit various beauty salons in my place, to see who has the best service. I'm very meticulous in regard to the method of delivery, and especially the quality of services. Since I consider myself a very fashionable person and I like to keep up with the trend, I can say that maintaining such a lifestyle r

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Polish up on this season’s nail trends

In the beauty world, sometimes nit-picking on lip liners and contouring techniques overshadow an equally important facet nails.

From intimidating stiletto points to girl-next-door short “squoval” (square-oval) shapes, there are a variety of nail shapes in style. But the fascination with witchy stiletto talons is beyond me. My rule is if they exceed two inches, your nails are in dire need of a trim. Just because they’re painted doesn’t make them pretty – not to mention the fact that ultra-long poi

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Way to Complement Jewelry with Nail Color

Gold or silver is the most commonly worn Indian fashion jewelry and they can be paired with most of the outfit and nail colors. But when you choose colorful jewelry, especially for a wedding or similar occasion, it can be quite difficult to complement them with the right nail colors and outfit. In this guide, you will find valuable tips on how to pair your nail colors with the ornaments and your overall looks. This can also include matching the colors with your polki necklace.


Pairing the Colors


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Touch of Old Rose

8858620688?profile=originalTouch of old rose.. see the new I want ~

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I love Black&White with a touch of Pink

8843163468?profile=originalI love Black&White with a touch of Pink, check out the new "I Want" -

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Fashion Rooftop: I want~ rainbow colors

8843142064? I want ~ Georgia earrings by Nineteen Pieces, Lanvin Ostritch bag, Tory burch Sandal,Tracy martin firming serum, chalayan multicolored dress, nars nail polish and more..

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8842951894?profile=originalHey friends we got number of valuable tips and views from the winner of nail art contest in our fashion site . According to Ms.Jessica girls should always be ready to apply new art on their nails. For cool nail art designs one has to be very creative and innovative and should not b afraid of mistakes and many time mistake create new designs in nail art. For more interesting view on nail art read her interview:
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On or about early January 2010, American Apparel began receiving reports from its customers and retail employees that the nail polish manufactured by Forsythe Cosmetics was “exploding.” Sepcifically, reports began surfacing that the bottles contaning the nail polish were breaking, leaking, cracked…

Just like wet nail polish, American Apparel’s reputation began to stink! Headlines from reputable fashion and style blogs acr

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Fame Appeal Fall Fashion and Style suggestions:

Nail art has been all the rage, so we suggest Chanel Nail Lacquers as high quality backdrop for your doodles.

As for men, you really Need that Tweed!, we suggest Rag and Bone as the designer label of choice.

Check out Her Handbag and His Briefcase for the corresponding articles, and previous editions

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