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The memoirs of Carita: Packed

Chapter 1: Episode 2

Barley a few days ago, I complained about a client’s time management. Guess what, I have become a victim. A victim of violently silencing the eight alarms I set to wake me up this morning. I am going to miss my train. I just know it. I knew it, 7 am is way too early to wake up on a Saturday morning. I make a mad dash for the bathroom while disrobing on the way. 3 minutes. Record shower time. I ring for the taxi while slapping on some lotion and clothes. At least I had the sen

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The memoirs of Carita: Waiting…

Tick tock, tap, tap, sigh, sigh. The routine carries on. I am in the little corner of Denny’s cafe waiting. My tasteless hot chocolate has long turned cold. That was my fourth cup. I look again at my watch. I am waiting for a client. Will she ever arrive? I have called her at least fourteen times. 3 hours ago, she said breathlessly “I will be there very soon.” She had woken up only to realise she was hours behind schedule. She is now scrambling for the shower.


Seriously, many customers have come

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