Tussar silk sarees are the symbol of beauty and grace. With their golden copper shine, they have a charm that can reach hearts in an instant. All Indian women have an inclination for sarees; they just love wearing it on various occasions. Every girl, from a young age, has used their mothers’ and grandmothers’ sarees for several times. But as they grow up, they start keeping a collection of their own, which showcases their culture and roots.

Tussar silk sarees are one such creation that reflects everything charming that the women of any age can ask for. However, there is actually no age limit to wearing a Tussar silk saree for its beautiful look.


You might be having a craze for Tussar silk sarees and maybe have a couple of them in your wardrobe. But you may not know much about them. So here we are trying to help you understand the origin and background of Tussar silk saree.

Tussar silk sarees are mostly weaved in the states of West Bengal and Bihar. Some parts of Orissa and Gujarat also have an active contribution to making the sarees. Bhagalpur in Bihar is the largest district where the sarees are weaved. That is the reason that sometimes it is called the Bhagalpuri silk sarees.

The weavers are trained for years before they acquire the skill of crafting intricate detailing designs of the sarees.

Primarily the material for the saree is acquired from the larvae of the silkworm found in the forests of our country. Arjun, Jamun, Asan, and Oak are some of the trees in which the aforesaid silkworms can be found. The natural golden texture of the sarees is from the fabric, which comes with a sticky substance.

There is no particular shade or color that these sarees come in, but dark colors look fabulous due to the gorgeous golden texture. Artworks like Kantha stitch from West Bengal and Pattachitra from Orissa are quite popularly and regularly featured on the sarees. These artworks are either hand-painted or embroidered on the silk by the expert designers.


So this is the basic information that has been shared in this write-up. Now that you know their background and their origin, you can make a proper evaluation of Tussar silk sarees. Tussar silk sarees are worn for special occasions as they flaunt exotic charm around the wearer. Pair them up with terracotta jewelry to look ethnic in a party.

Dressed in a Tussar silk saree with perfect makeup and matching jewelry, you are surely going to look like a style icon. Maybe you need to attend some official dinner or a family occasion at home, a stylish Tussar silk saree is there for all events. At Banarasi Niketan, you can choose from a massive range of Tussar silk sarees online. Do not miss out on time for your search, please carry on with your browsing at the web-site of Banarasi Niketan.

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