Leather Modiste replied to Sophia Wright's discussion Collect Sustainable And Recycle Clothes From A Branded Manufacturing Hub
"Wearing sustainable and recyclable alternative not only helps our budget and helps us save money but it is also better for environment. Sustainable fashion is best for human's future."
23 hours ago
Leather Modiste replied to Dure Nayab's discussion Summer Shoe Shopping Pointers 
"Bright colors are always best for summers. I agree that coral and pastel shoes are going trendy."
Leather Modiste replied to Simmon Gray's discussion Are Formal Uniforms Necessary at Work?
"Your points are great. Even though formal uniforms are good but comfort of employees is also important. I like the idea of casual and comfortable clothes in office."
Leather Modiste replied to Sophia Wright's discussion How To Wear Your Leather Jacket Fashionably?
"It is true that there is nothing better than a stylish leather jacket to elevate your styles and make yourself look attractive. If you are interested in high quality leather jackets : https://leathermodiste.com/product-category/men-leather-jackets/"
Leather Modiste replied to Mike20's discussion What Can Any Essay Reviser Tool Really Do and Why We Created It?
"This is a good post. I agree with all your points stated here."
Mar 25
Leather Modiste replied to Harryclaus's discussion Is coconut oil good for your hair?
"Ofcourse, Yes, but i would also say every body's hair is different. It is a matter of fact that coconut oil may suit your hair or not. But for most of the people it proves to be a great source of nourishment for the hair."
Mar 24
Leather Modiste replied to Antonella Mantilla's discussion Are customized products effective for business promotion or not?
"They are indeed a good promotion tactic. As it gives your customer the option to feel their product more customized and personalized than other standard products. Not everyone may ask for customization but some customers will love this idea."
Mar 23
Leather Modiste replied to March Adams's discussion Where to Find The Best cropped leather Jacket Womens
"There is no better place for cropped leather jacket for women than Leather Modiste. You can find one in affordable price and made from high quality ingredient. https://leathermodiste.com/product-category/women-leather-jackets/"
Mar 22
Leather Modiste replied to Sophia Wright's discussion Buy Custom Made Jackets for Man And Women From Reputed Manufacturer
"If you are looking for a place where you can get custom made leather jackets then you can go with Leather Modiste. https://leathermodiste.com/product-category/men-leather-jackets/"
Mar 21
Leather Modiste replied to The Genuine Leather's discussion Yellowstone Jackets
"Looking for a high style, low cost leather jacket. Visit, Leather Mosdiste for it. Here you will get leather apparels of all styles and colors. https://leathermodiste.com/product-category/men-leather-jackets/"
Mar 20
Leather Modiste replied to Food Jewellery Direct's discussion What is your favourite fashion accessory?
"Not an accessory but i like leather jackets very much and i wear them at least once a week. They are incredible with personality defining qualities. https://leathermodiste.com/product-category/men-leather-jackets/"
Mar 18
Leather Modiste replied to Amelie Zilber's discussion Films Jackets
"Good quality film leather jackets are easy to find on leather modiste: https://leathermodiste.com/product-category/men-leather-jackets/"
Mar 17
Leather Modiste replied to I Knock Fashion's discussion What are some of the best skincare tips and tricks?
"Staying hydrated and having a good, relaxed sleep is very important and easiest tips you can follow to keep your skin healthy. Wearing breathable and comfortable fabrics such as leather is also good.…"
Mar 16
Leather Modiste replied to Karl Harrow's discussion What jewelry will be trending in 2023?
"May be piercings or layered sleek necklaces will be trending. It's totally my assumption. Leather bracelets may be trending too.
Mar 15
Leather Modiste replied to Ariana Edwards's discussion How to Find the Perfect Pair of Kids Socks
"This is great. I agree that cotton socks are the best."
Mar 14
Leather Modiste replied to Ariana Edwards's discussion Wacky Socks are the New Black
"I knew wacky socks were going in popularity but didn't realize that they were this much popular to be compared to classic colors."
Mar 13
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