What makes you Tick?

A bit of a strange question I know, but what makes you tick? Most particularly, what type of watch makes you tick? There are many different watches on the high street and online today that are filled with a variety of features to suit each individual’s lifestyle. Whether you are a lover of vintage or an athletic swimmer, there is a watch out there to suit your lifestyle down to a T.

For the vintage lover, Fossil watches fit the brief. Think worn leather straps, antique finishings and old school features. The brand offers an authentic style that resembles timepieces from pervious years. You can see that within each design, care and precision has played a large part in the manufacturing process. Fossil products are packaged in an old fashioned style tin to add to the vintage experience.  


Casio is a renowned watch brand that caters for a large range of people. Packed with tonnes of precise features to provide the wearer with an accurate reading during physical activities, the owner of the watch can measure just about anything to the most precise time scale. Other features include being waterproof, shock resistant and displaying the date.


For those who love designer goods, there are plenty of top class designers out there who have created their own line of watches that resemble their signature style. Marc Jacobs is a prime example of a designer who produces a sleek range of wrist wear to correspond with his fashion line. Offering a selection of designs ranging from simplistic features to more complex functions, those who want to add some luxury to their look can achieve it with a designer watch.  


Which type of watch would you choose?

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