My Facebook friend Liz follows The Thrifters blog and recently she messaged me on Facebook that she had found a red cocktail dress by Carolyne Roehm.  You know my mouth started to salivate hearing those words.  She told me she had found it in some thrift store in Boulder and I just came unglued.  I melted into tiny molecules of nothingness instantly.  I love vintage Carolyne Roehm.  So she messaged me several photos of the red cocktail dress and asked me if I would consider selling it for her at my boutique -Doubletake Recycled Luxury – so you know what I said…..  Hell to the yes !  So she was kind enough to ship it from Boulder to Atlanta and with that I wanted to talk to her about it.  Here goes our conversation.

Q: Please state your name and where you live.

A:  Thanks Daniel for letting me guest blog today.  My name is Liz Lotz and I live in Boulder, Colorado.

Q:  How long have you been shopping at second hand stores?

A:  My thrifting days date back to my youth!  My love of thrifting led me to start a little “pop-up” shop called lotti this past spring.  I mostly focus on high end denim and boutique brands, but once-in-a-while I find some AWESOME vintage pieces.

Q: You used to live in Atlanta and now it’s Boulder, Colorado so can you talk to us about the differences between the 2 cities in terms of thrifting?  Is Boulder a great city to hunt for luxury items?

A:   Boulder is more Lululemon than YSL but ever now and then there is a hidden treasure.

Q: You recently found a gorgeous red cocktail dress by Carolyne Roehm and were kind enough to ship it to Doubletake for me to find it a new stylish home.  Were you familiar with the Carolyne Roehm label and what did you first think when you found that dress in such great condition?  

A:  The dress.  Ahhh, it’s a gorgeous shade of red.  That’s what initially drew me to it and once I touched it – buttery silk.  Her draping is lovely.  It’s hard to describe except with the word “perfect.”  Roehm only designed for a short while – so her works are limited, but her style is timeless.  One-of-a-king.  Enjoy! 

 I’m deeply honored by the fact that Liz wanted to find this vintage treasure a good home and had faith in me.  Her commitment to the environment and the planet is impressive to me.  Anyone that thrifts and shops second hand is extraordinary in my book but to take it to the next step by mailing it to me and trusting that I will find it a good home is just significant.  Keep up the good work Liz and when you find that 60′s space age Paco Rabanne dress PLEASE remember me….   


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