This Tucker top is so bold and distinctive it plays well with this super fun St John blue skirt.  The color of this skirt just makes me happy, it’s a fantastic color.  So Tucker was created by Gaby Basora in 2005 and has since generated a growing collection with infinite possibilities.  With a background in styling, Gaby’s experience brings a great eye for detail as well as a commitment to impeccable fit and quality.  Neiman Marcus, Barney’s & Saks all carry this label with good reason.  I love mixing Tucker with St John because it really does give it that modern fresh touch and then when you add this vintage super fly belt from Neiman Marcus, well honey the party just started !  Wear vintage and go “green” and always remember to recycle, reuse & reduce your waste.  Mother Nature will love you tons.  I’m Daniel Troppy your luxury curator! 

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