The punk fashion

(dark soul is actually better than "Zelda" (Series) design so exquisite, belongs to the imitative design)
The giant doctrine used in science fiction games, can let people have a fall beyond the control of "non human" feeling, in fact my childhood was spent.steampunk bag My father is a paper factory staff, where we eat is at the top of a machine, we are at the foot of the high-speed rotating machine, a fall will be crushed into meat roller! (and it has died), and between us and the machines, the boards are made of thin wooden boards, which are mildew and do not know when they will break...... We use boiler steam to boil water, bath, and heating meals...... If you don't care, a little closer will probably make us steamed...... That kind of heartless machine cold feeling, like a machine like social indifference, you just struggle to survive, no one, no retreat, only one face of the entire social machine war, blaze a new trail! Until today, I still think so, because no one can let you rely on, the social machine is invincible, you seek only the gap it can be settled and to escape or destroy it (save the world). punk clothing In the game of demon city, the apathy of the social machine often shows that some people and walls merge together to express the assimilation of man and Society (the demon city environment), and everyone is indifferent and loses himself.
"Portal." "Jaidi Knight" Jaidi 1 "the Dark Knight" in the dark 2 Mega doctrine is huge machine, in the unknown why this design building was run, the building is a machine's design, destroyed between / take a wrong step gear will fall into the field, and this energy field punk dress/ gear / steam area is obviously not deliberately designed to harm you, just to maintain the operation of the machine, you must be forced to just through here has encountered it, this heartless is cruel, occasionally see like see seam insert needle placement of the rest area, coffee machine, cups and the like. The coffee is still hot, but also random coat in there, and there is no traces of time, as if on a second there are people here, suddenly disappeared, which makes people feel lonely......
The "halo" and "unreal" is huge, "is 2, these are good works," BioShock "(Series) although the design of this building, but because it is the main function of living, so no feeling," BioShock "(Series) and if you want to express a kind of" the wasteland "feeling, not giant doctrine.
I forgot to mention the game "Alice's Adventures in magic.".
They often appear in the mega games, movies and books.
It was originally an environmental description of the "powerful machine system" of the steam punk.

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