The hairstyles for homecoming

As one tradition of welcoming back to an organization, and consists of a week, it is a celebration for school or college. How can the girls create different looks in homecoming? Here are some hairstyle recommendations.

First, half up half down


Combine the elegant wave with the softness of leaving some hair down, the girls can add the curls, or twist the hair left down for a romantic touch. The braids can create a sophisticated feel in different methods to braid.

Second, updo


For black girls, the updo with curly hair shows a cute and playful feel to them. Of course, some braids can be blended with your updo, such as French braid, fishtail braid, or others to add a unique and timeless look.

Third, ponytail


Create a ponytail hairstyle to exude sophistication and elevate the looks. The girls can add the curls and wrap a section of hair around the base of the ponytail. Besides, the ponytails can combine the half up half down hairstyle to add a touch of elegance and creativity.

Fourth, loose wave or curly


For girls, wave hair and curly hair are useful to create romantic and glamorous looks for girls. Achieve the loose wave hairstyle through a curling iron or select one loose wave wig, and the loose wave hairstyle creates a stunning look if you combine it with the hairstyle of the top.

These hairstyles create a stunning look for girls to join the homecoming. Then select the right dress and makeup to achieve the perfect feelings. For black girls, we suggest selecting the 27 hair color that are more gorgeous.

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