It’s the first day of your internship and honestly, the timing may not be that great. You grab your purse, phone, wallet and keys, and head out the door ready to nail the first day at work.

For the working woman, there is a bit more to a work bag than meets the eye. So, we ‘have listed some of the crucial items you need for a successfully at work. Retailers can also contact one of the popular bag supplier and checkout from b the assemblage to select the cool designs for the store.

Feminine Products

If you have ever gotten your period and been stranded without provisions, then you probably vowed to never let that happen to you again. Always pack in a couple of tampons or pads in your bag, enough so that you don’t run out of it.

Notepad And Pen

The best interns are always ready to take on any task at a moment’s notice. Sometimes these to-dos are lengthy or involve a lot of details. Being able to pull out a notepad and pen will not only show your employer that you are on top of things, but it will guarantee that you get the job done correctly.


No one likes you when you’re hungry. Your roommate might be able to deal with your pre-lunch shenanigans, but your boss might not be so accommodating. Keep yourself energized and your hunger in check with a healthy, easy snack like an apple or granola bar.


From phone chargers, to your earphones and even pen drives, these are a must-have for the office. Keep these in a separate pouch so that you don’t misplace it while on the go.

Beauty Products

A hand-cream, lip-balm, face wash and moisturizer would suffice. For the cosmetics though, keep an eye-pencil, compact and a matte lipstick handy, in case you need to touch up after a quarter-life crisis crying session.


Sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes are essential to maintain safety and hygiene. In fact do ensure to keep these in your desk as well, in case you forget to pack it while leaving for the office.

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