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Versatile, sexy, and—get ready for it—lace-free since its 2007 inception, high-end lingerie lingerie line The Lake & Stars has confounded expectations and grabbed the attention
of major magazines for their unique take on boudoir fabrics and constructions. Helmed by New York based designers Maayan Zilberman and Nikki Dekker, the line has avoided the cutesy, often tacky troupes typical to most underwear collections and grown by leaps and bounds. To get a better handle on the daunting world of lingerie design, we interviewed Zilberman about sweating the details, their popular styles, and other lessons she learned along the way.

AFINGO: How is designing lingerie different from designing, say, a line of dresses?

Maayan Zilberman: Designing lingerie is a unique challenge—we have to find a way to make a very small garment evoke many different emotions while remaining functional and luxurious. Beginning with a wide array of images and swatches on your board, and then narrowing it down to a few
dozen garments to translate into a story can be difficult. My favorite part of the process if going from the samples to the campaign shoot and then revisiting the original materials to connect the dots.


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