How long a wig can last?


You find your wig is messy, and touched like weeds, and you feel nervous and angry. The salesman can last over one year, but in fact, you use it for half a year.

When talking with your friend, her wig are using for two years, and still like just buy it.


The wigs many girls liked, for the versatile styles changes, show the beauty and refresh the styles. However, if you take care of it in the wrong way, your wig can last shorter than your expected. Look at these behaviors whether you have:

1 Washing your wig in a hot water.

2 Rub your wig and twist it usually.

3 Comb you wig impatiently or some knots are always survive

4 Styling it in high heating

5 direct sunlight

6 the shampoo contains strong acids or alkaline.

7 storage your hair in a wet environment


If these behaviors are all have, it’s better to change them. A wig can last more than one year, and if you take good care of it, the lifespan can be longer. The use time depends on the frequency, maintenance, wearing way, and quality.

For example, the frequency you used is lower, and the length of lifespan is. If you use a wig about once a week, it will be longer than use twice a week.

The maintenance is better, the lifespan is longer. If you choose to take good care of your wig, it will look better and can be used longer.

The way of wearing will influence the lifetime. For example, a lace front wig is used with glue and a glueless wig is without the use of glue. If you wear it once a week, the glueless wig is used longer than the lace front wig.

The quality, such as human hair and synthetic hair wig, human hair wigs last longer.


With these factors, the wig's lifespan is influenced by many things. However, besides these, your behaviors on the wig including washing, and styling are the most influential factor. It‘s better to attention to the conduction we just say. If you don’t attention, the lifespan can be shorter.

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