Whenever the autumn or winter is upon us, we are bound to experience some levels of coldness. Whether the coldness is moderate or extreme, our fashion choices tend to change to cope with the cold weather. Cardigans, scarves and other thick clothing that can provide some warmth are usually the choices of everyone. However, for anyone who wants to adorn fashion jewelry pieces, it can be daunting to choose the right pieces that will go with the clothing designed for the colder weather. Fortunately, we have researched the fashion jewelry pieces that you must have for autumn and winter. So, take your time to check out the following pieces:

  • Non-metal jewelry pieces

Generally, metal jewelry pieces are great. Nevertheless, they are good conductors which makes them susceptible to getting extremely cold during the winter or autumn. So, rather than choosing metal jewelry pieces, go for beautiful non-metal jewelry pieces such as wood and plastic. You can consider a leather wristband to grace your hand or a velvet choker that blends perfectly into your outfit.

  • Brooches

From vintage brooches to antique brooches and other types, brooches are wonderful high fashion jewelry pieces for the autumn and winter. The amazing thing about using brooches for the winter and autumn is that they are versatile. In other words, you can use them in several ways and with different outfits. For instance, brooches can be used as an embellishment for your scarf or hat. Alternatively, brooches will go well with your cashmere cardigan when strategically placed on the side.

  • Long necklaces

Considering the need to wear layers of scarves and cardigans during the winter and autumn, you should wear long necklaces that will dangle on your outfit without getting stuck. Apart from the safety they ensure, long necklaces are wonderful, eye-catching pieces that will make you stand out among others. Plus, nowadays many stunning beautiful designs of fashion long necklaces can be bought from fashion jewelry wholesale stores, so you can always easily find some preferences during daily shopping. When accompanied with statement pendants, long necklaces will blend impeccably with any outfit including a leather jacket, cashmere turtleneck cardigan, and blazer.


  • Stud earrings

Basically, stud earrings are good for any season, but they are most suitable for the winter and autumn. If you wear big earrings, they may just get caught in your cashmere cardigan or scarves. However, with stud earrings, you can look completely amazing without the fear of having your earrings stuck in your cloth. Make your look more elegant by choosing emerald, gold or diamond studs with magnificent designs affordably from various wholesale earrings businesses.


  • Link bracelets

After putting on layers of coats or jackets that will keep you warm during this cold weather, you should add a touch of class to your look with link bracelets. Considering the lightweight of these bracelets, they offer you the ideal balance needed after putting on the heavy winter wears. Apart from the balance they bring, link bracelets have enough elegance to make you look more stunning.

Which of the aforementioned high fashion jewelry pieces would you like to wear this autumn and winter? Whatever choice you make, you are going to look stunning on any occasion.

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