This is my list of the five most important things every model should do before a shoot. In this article, I'm going to talk about how you should prepare for your modeling shoot. I'm sure you've seen models walking down the ramp to their big chance in front of the camera. If you've seen any of these models, chances are they're doing a little extra workout before the photoshoot. It makes sense though, right? There's no way a model can go into a photoshoot without packing their suitcase full of muscle before they go in.

Now, what if the modeling agencies or photographers aren't requiring you to do extra workouts before the shoot? Well, it depends. Some model agencies require their models to get a little more exercise before the shoot, but usually, they don't ask for it. Some photographers and model agencies will tell their models to go and have a workout before the photoshoot, but again, this varies from agency to agency. If your photographer or model agent isn't requiring you to go and workout before the shoot, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't.


You absolutely need to lose weight before your shoot if you want to look good in your photoshoot. Whether it's for a magazine shoot or a fashion show, you need to look lean and fit. A few extra pounds will make all the difference in your body. You need to learn how to be patient with yourself. Don't expect to lose a ton of weight overnight.

When you are preparing for a photoshoot, you also need to find out where you will be shooting. You need to know whether you will be shooting at an indoor or an outdoor location. Some model agencies and photographers won't to allow their models to go on shoots that are located within 200 yards of the model's home. Others won't allow their models to go anywhere near water unless it's in a pool, lake, or ocean. Know what the model's personal preferences are before hiring a photographer and model agency.


Every model has different ideas of what is sexy, so don't let your photographer or model agency talk you into something that you don't think is sexy. Make sure you take the photos that you are planning to take and let your model understand why you think they are hot. Also, make sure the model is comfortable with the environment and that they don't feel self-conscious about their body in the photos. Don't make them feel as though they need to shave their bikini line, or they will feel embarrassed.

Some model agencies require their models to visit a health spa during the course of the photoshoot. If this is a requirement, then you will need to find out the cost of health spa visits and book in ahead of time. Many modelers are able to get discounts on spa visits if they are working with a reputable agency and are a member.


Every model is different, and so are their personal preferences. Some models prefer to do photo shoots outdoors, and some prefer to have indoor types of photoshoots. Know your preferences before contacting any modeling agencies. A good agency will be able to tell you what is a typical photo shoot and what is not. For example, if you love to do beach photos, but most photoshoots require you to do photos indoors, then you may want to contact model agencies that specialize in indoor photography.

These are five things every model needs before ever starting any type of photoshoot. You need to have at least one or two of these items, and you will be prepared. Most importantly, you need to have an open mind, because modeling is about doing your best each time. Modeling is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. Good Luck!

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