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That's so New York - That's right, the most recent addition to my archive of interviews is European yet now Canada-based designer, Anastasia Lomonova. The majority of you may recall my introductory post orientated around Anastasia earlier this week? Either way, she's possibly one of the nicest personalities I've spoken to in a while; not to mention her admirable efficiency in replying with the answers to my questions. Honestly, we have something special here; I just know it! 

8842989284?profile=original(Image Credit: Anastasia Lomonova Autumn/Winter 2011)

What would you consider to be the aesthetic behind Anastasia Lomonoval?
It's very dark and sculptural, raw yet elegant. It's transparent and light, yet rigid and heavy. It overly a conflict of contrasts. I have long abandoned standard methods of pattern-making and view clothes as fabric sculptures -
 with elements of drape, pleats (always pleats) and lines. I try to stay true to the fabric, letting you experience it in it's natural state by carefully guiding it around the body. 

What were you doing before you formed Anastasia Lomonova?
Nothing much really. I started my line at 22 - I dropped out of school, moved to Montreal and started it. I didn't have any money or that much experience at the time, but I knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life so I didn't see the lack of either as an obstacle. 

Asides from designing, what other interest’s do you have?
I am doing more and more photography these days - I've been shooting my own catalogues for a while. I also love exercising - the gym has definitely replaced night clubs and after-parties for me. 

Do you have anything exciting coming up in the near future in terms of development and expansion of Anastasia Lomonova?
I am working on my AW2013 collection right now - it's going to be a strong season, I think. I would love to show in Europe but that's a bit of an abstract idea at the moment.

In your own opinion, what is unique about Anastasia Lomonova?
The  approach to design is different. I design with a lot of freedom - I am not overly concerned with what other people are doing or what is palatable retail-wise. I look to create and explore different shapes, textures and lines -  to inspire and to bring something new to ... (CONTINUE READING)

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