Dan Monick 'Blind Bargain Bag'

That's So New YorkFrom the title of this post alone, those of you who follow my Facebook page would have guessed that this is the post I gave you a heads up on over the weekend, after receiving my Dan Monick Blind Bargain Bag (Retail Price: $30.00 USD) from Blood Is The New Black, which I have to say I was extremely impressed with. For those of you who are unaware what a Blind Bargain Bag is, let me explain. Blood Is The New Black (the graphic label I have been rambling on about for far too long, yet then again, perhaps far too long isn't long enough when it comes to BITNB; who's with me?) have a wide selection of graphic tees and at the end of each season presumably as any other online-store, they have leftover stock, that of which they throw into a giant bundle and pawn off as Blind Bargain Bags, charging just $30.00 USD a bag; that of which consists of five graphic tee's from your selected artist (in my case photographer, Dan Monick.)

(Note: occasionally they tend to mix a handful of artists who fit the same aesthetic as your chosen artist; for example, I received tee's from Dan MonickJesse SpearsChristopher Glancy and Bobby Whigham, all of which use photographic print.) 

The tees I received were the same tees I have had my eye on for weeks and weeks, yet when I first purchased the bag I presumed "I'll probably only get one or two tees I like, yet that's still a bargain!" (seeming the majority of the graphics which BITNB retail range between $30.00 USD and $44.00 USD), therefore I'm sure you can appreciate how overwhelmed I was when five tees which I had fallen for around a month or so prior to my purchase came flying through my door (or in my case, my brother found sat on my doorstep, as the postal service here in the United Kingdom is all for customer satisfaction, right?)


(Note: these images were self-taken on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZR1 digital camera.

Please excuse the poor quality images, as I am yet to invest in an SLR camera.)


For those of you who admire these particular prints, the names of the tees and designers (top to bottom) are as followed - Basketball Hoop Men's Crew by Dan Monick (Retail Price: $44.00 USD), Dan Monick (currently unavailable/unknown name), Jesse Spears (currently unavailable/unknown name), A Season In Hell Men's Crew - White by ... (CONTINUE READING)

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