robika mira posted a blog post
When it comes to selecting toys for a child aged 2 and above, there are numerous options that can foster their development and provide hours of entertainment. One category to consider is building blocks, which encourage…
Jul 4
robika mira commented on rekka roy's blog post Do I need to develop a mobile application for an online clothing store?
"Of course you need! Here’s an example, you can attract the attention of buyers with push-notifications. If modern stores order mobile software development, they will add a push-notification feature to them. They help to attract the attention of the…"
May 27, 2020
robika mira replied to serebrish grey's discussion Mobile app as an online store
"IT technologies actively help the business. This became especially relevant during the quarantine period. Many appreciated the benefits of IT. Companies that have IT technology have not stopped their activities. Some have even increased their…"
May 21, 2020
robika mira commented on dedra lightner's blog post What to Wear for a 1940s Party?
"The fashion of that period was very interesting. But I like it."
May 16, 2020
robika mira replied to bella thomas's discussion Legit reasons for you to make a wiki page
"I don't think a Wikipedia page will give many for business. It's not that relevant any more. More will be useful if it will be a quality site and mobile application. This is what most potential customers are visited by on the Internet. . Therefore,…"
May 13, 2020
robika mira replied to Angelina jolie's discussion How To Double Up Your Profit In Fashion Store In e-Commerce Industry?
"There are many websites on the Internet selling clothes. There are sites with similar models. You have a lot of competition. But anything is possible. First of all, pay attention to your website and logistics. On the site, imagine the best sides of…"
Apr 11, 2020
robika mira replied to malenka's discussion How to transplant an orchid
"I like orchids. I already have adult flowers. I've been growing up for years. The root system is not small. But when they bloom I can spend hours admiring. My orchids grow in my room. There is a special place in the center of the room for them. And…"
Mar 23, 2020
robika mira commented on Kelly Rise's blog post Drug Dependence in Veterans
"Drug dependence has psychological aspects at its base. Veterans have had difficult periods. War is not watching movies. Seeing death and suffering is very hard. There is a free drugs rehabilitation center…"
Mar 23, 2020
robika mira replied to anupriyadesaint's discussion Quality services in the field of health care
"I would say it's more of a beauty and spa service. But unfortunately in the current conditions of the economic and financial crisis, rarely anyone can afford such pleasure."
Mar 17, 2020
"Calculate your business expenses, payback period and then make a decision"
Mar 17, 2020
robika mira replied to Tiffany Miles's discussion Relationship
"Now it is relevant. During quarantine for many online communication is the only way to communicate"
Mar 17, 2020
robika mira replied to Angelina jolie's discussion How To Double Up Your Profit In Fashion Store In e-Commerce Industry?
"For the buyer is important quality goods and a good price for the goods"
Mar 17, 2020
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