How to transplant an orchid

Phalenopsis is one of the easiest orchids to care for, but it also needs a transplant. Epiphyte orchids are transplanted as needed and do so in two cases:
The orchid is so grown that it does not fit in the pot.
The orchid is sick.
If the plant is healthy, undamaged, does not suffer from pests, the flowering will last for several months or even six months. With the right care, the orchid will grow in the same store pot for a long time.
Transplantation is urgentify if the orchid has rotting roots, if the leaves turn yellow and fall away, if the leaves become sluggish and dim.

Epiphyte orchids should grow in a special substrate for orchids consisting of pieces of wood bark and particles of mha. The orchid pot requires transparent or translucent, because the shell of orchid roots, just like the leaves, contains chlorophyll and needs light.
That would transplant the orchid you need to carefully remove the flower from the pot Plant is taken out along with the substrate in which it is planted.

Gently shake the substrate from the roots of the plant. Many roots will be like ingrown in the bark. Don't break them off. Gently remove all soil that is not attached to the roots, trying not to damage the roots.
Carefully examine the roots. Usually part of the roots is dry, there are damaged roots of dark brown color, easily come off and crumble in the hands. Inside, these roots are dry or with obvious signs of rot. They should be removed, cutting to the living tissue with a sharp knife.

On the bottom of the pot pour a layer of substrate. It is very convenient if the substrate is not taken from the packaging, and scatter it on paper or a tray and separate a handful of very small pieces of bark and finely chopped mha.
On top of the substrate layer carefully place the roots of the plant. We don't press or press. Make sure that the leaves and the growth point of the orchid are not buried under the soil mixture, so they can rot.

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