Wholesale Leather Clothing

How can exquisite fashionistas like us endure only one or two down wholesale women’s coats & jackets throughout the winter?
We have to arrange all kinds of fashionable coats too!
So today we have arranged a special edition of wholesale leather clothing, let's take a look!

The weather is getting colder and colder recently, almost all the girls in the office dragged out thick clothes to wear.

Down jackets and coats can indeed cover the cold of the whole winter, but the winter beauty of fashionable beauties can also rely on leather jackets to support the scene.
It is important to keep warm, but it is our research topic to look good in the cold winter without losing style.

In the past, when talking about leather clothes, I thought of punk girls who could not stand on the street. In the past two years, whether it was on the show floor or in street shooting, the leather clothes were still cool but loaded with a low-key soul and more restrained elite temperament.

The leather jacket retains the neatness and crispness of the leather, making the overall style wild and sensible. So it is not only suitable for urban women who like minimalism, but also for trendy girls who play street sports.

shestar wholesale Lapel Collar Slant Buckle Leather Biker Jacket

Among the leather styles this year, I think the best one to wear is this small collar leather jacket, a bit like Dad’s lapel leather jacket. It changed the large lapels of motorcycle leather jackets into small lapels of shirts, which gave people a more delicate feeling.
The size of the leather jacket is just right, it is not cumbersome and will not pick up the figure because of excessive self-cultivation.
In the autumn and winter, it is quite neat, without the high-profile of motorcycle leather jackets, and hardly choose the place to wear.

shestar wholesale Stand Collar Black Leather Windbreaker

Compared with ordinary cotton and silk dresses, leather dresses are obviously better for keeping warm and windproof in winter.
And the wideness of the leather makes this leather dress more stylish. It combines the coolness of leather and the versatile of shirts. It is super practical whether it is worn alone or stacked.
If you want a versatile style, I first recommend a brown matte leather shirt. The low-key gloss is not eye-catching and wearable.

shestar wholesale Stand Collar Zip Up Leather Pleated Dress

In addition to the correct black leather clothing, if you want to create a lively and light feeling in winter, colored leather clothing is not undesirable.

shestar wholesale Turn Down Collar Belted Leather Biker Jacket

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