you do not have the liberty to stand there quietly and just manage. You have to schmooze with the people you are working with and build a professional relationship. As there is no other way you can get the best possible results. You can try, but you will not get the team or the models to a point where you want them to be.


To schmooze is to sweet talk people into a situation, where they give you exactly what you want. Some might call it charming your way through a situation, and if you want to succeed in the fashion industry, you better learn how to. As there are some who are naturally charming, and others have to put in a little effort to get to a point, where they are able to schmooze people into doing something they want. I have been in the fashion industry for years now, and the one thing I have noticed. Is that half of the fashion industry runs on schmoozing. It is because there is no other way to get through the day and get the work you needed to be done.


It is especially important for professional fashion photographers, as it allows us to get through the day with as fewer hiccups as possible. When you go out on a set, you have to deal with an entire team, and when you are getting clients you have to schmooze your client, so they let you run the show. With each passing day, you practice the art of schmoozing so much, that it becomes second nature, and before you know it; you are schmoozing in regular dealings as well.


So if you are not a natural charmer, I suggest you start practicing your skills. But keep in mind that each individual is different, and sometimes your smooth talking can get you into trouble. So try to catch a sense of what the person is feeling, and how they might react. Keep in mind that schmoozing is an art, just like photography. You need to know how to adjust it, and where to use it. If you unbalance the adjustment or click on the wrong moment; you will ruin the entire process. So take out time to adjust your tone and your poster. Then think the matter over, and keep a level tone. This way the other person will not feel like they are being handled. They will just feel like you are giving them great advice.


A handy technique that allows you to keep things in line and in check. The only thing that can help ensure that you are able to get through the day, with as little drama as possible is your schmooze talking. I have been in so many situations that I was unable to see how I was going to get out of the situation, but there came a point when I realized that smooth talking can easily help. As it allowed me to get the situation under control, and get on with the day.

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