The designer handbag we carry give little secrets away about our personalities.

When I see larger, bright, bold colors and contrast patterns such as the Prada animal print bowler bag, I immediately think of a James Bond movie, with the leading ladies taking on the world….daring, confident, love challenges and in the spot light!

Prada Animal FB1











Women carrying structured, clean lines, classic designer handbags such as Christian Dior handbags reveal an immediate strike of class. These women are classy, immaculate dressers, polished to the nines! They never have a hair out of place and are always very lady like reminding me of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They are minimalists, organized and carry only the essentials they need.


Christian Dior Cannage Authentic Designer Handbag M9901RNSL 1








Women carrying floral and lacy bags such as Glenda Gies and Karen Wilson designer handbags are very feminine, love lace, floral, frilly romantic details and tend to be very creative. They are rarely found without their favorite lip gloss to keep their lips kissable.

Karen Wilson Pink FB 1

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What bag are you carrying and what secrets does it reveal about your personality?

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