What Is In The Casual Dresses For Women 2017?

Women love fashion and many are looking forward to add some casual dresses for weekend events and nigh outs. The casual dresses for women are a good choice for everyday wear and they fill almost all fashion needs save for the formal and dressy events. When it comes to the women dresses, there are many styles and colors to choose from, and every woman out there will find something that suits her needs.

What makes dress casual?

There are various differences between casual clothes for women and the other types of dresses considered formal. The first distinction is the fabric and the other is length.

The fabric:

The casual dresses are mostly made of linen, cotton and jersey while formal dresses are made of taffeta and silk. Since most of the women spend a greater portion of their summer and spring in clothing that is designed to keep them comfortable and cool, cotton is mostly used for casual dresses for women to wear during the hot weather. It is also during the summer season when many women clad in casual clothing.


The length:

Most of the casual dressing for ladies is short. On the other hand, formal wear is floor length and many include features such as rhinestones and sequins. Although some casual dresses are floor length, they are made of cotton or other casual material fabrics. During the hot weather, the loose and long cotton may keep you cool. The casual dresses are available in various lengths which may range from short to floor length.

Where can you wear casual dresses?

Although women’s casual dresses can carry you through most of the occasions, in some cases, they are not the suitable wear. In some business environments which have relaxed dress code, casual dresses may be allowed, but in all cases, you need to exercise your discretion and make the right choice of what to wear. For instance, in the business casual settings, the casual dress may be paired with a smart cardigan or jacket in order to present a professional image. During the summer season, a cotton shift dress may be suitable, but it may have to be covered with blazer in order to ensure that you adhere to the appropriate policies on dressing.

On leaving the office, you may remove the jacket in order to enjoy the warm day. In the weddings that take place in the afternoon you may wear semi casual women's clothing as happens in the evening weddings. However, while you can sport casual mother of the bride dresses for an outdoor wedding, it should be something which fits well into the venue. In church wedding, wear the right dressing for that specific setting. However, in garden wedding, the dressing is more relaxed and you may put on a casual long black dress.

The accessories:

For the weekends, casual dresses should be paired with high-heeled or flats sandals. There are many accessories which you can consider depending on whether you want to dress down or up. Sophisticated edge, jewelry and higher heels lend a more elegant feel. A looser fit accessorized with flat sandals or sneakers give a more casual feel. For even more casual look, you may put on a hat or dark shades. From the foregoing, it can be concluded that there are different levels and extents of casual dressing. It all depends on the occasion and how you want to look.

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