"Western world", with revolver, play cyber punk

Michael Clayton, American best-selling author.steampunk maskIn addition to the famous Jurassic Park series, it is also the play writer and producer of the emergency room story.
As a writer, Clayton's most important identity is "the skeptic", namely, questioning the moral and ethical boundaries of science and technology through novel works. In short, what field does Clayton write about? He can show the worst possible conditions in the future of the field. steampunk gas mask As a result, his work is often subdivided into "Thriller" (note not science fiction), full of interesting and reasonable conspiracy theories.
"This book is a state of fear" popular in the era of the concept of environmental protection, the concept of "green" black Dier - man creates his own on global warming and environmental deterioration of fear, and has since spawned enormous environmental protection industry and the interests of the chain.steampunk half mask In fiction, this is almost a downright conspiracy that global warming is only a normal fluctuation of the earth's temperature, and that man has little influence on the planet.
And what would Clayton's "cyber punk" world look like?

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