Useful washing wig tips  


Washing frequency:

For your wig-washing frequency, we recommend washing your human hair wigs every 6 to 8 years and following your wearing frequency to change the wash time. Avoid to over wash to your human hair, which may cause damage to hair fibers.


Before washing:

Brush your human hair wigs with a tooth comb, and it is better to prepare two combs to brush your hair before washing and after washing. This is useful to avoid the excess oil and dirt on your hair.


Washing methods:

Avoid high water temperatures, which cause damage to the wigs. A water temperature of 25 is best for your washing.

Apply the specially designed shampoo for your human hair wigs, including the conditioner, and hair products. Attention the products for human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs are different.

Soap your human hair wigs into the mixture, which mixed with the water and shampoo is useful to reduce the dirt.

Avoid rubbing, pulling, or scraping your human hair wigs, otherwise may lead to hair loss.

Squeeze the excess with the towel, with attention to avoid the rub.


After washing:

Place your human hair wigs on a wig stand, and wait for it to air dry best to prevent damage.

Style your human hair wigs by iron in low temperatures, or blowing dry in cold temperatures is better.


Within the washing methods, it is important to note the temperature, methods, and product selection. Apply these tips are useful to create a smooth and natural luster of human hair wigs for your wear.

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