Top 7 Tips To Follow for Bridal Makeup!

A wedding is the most important and special day in every girl’s life. Every element of the wedding would be a result of months of research and planning. Makeup is an integral part of deciding how you look on the big day.


Other than choosing the best bridal makeup artist, here are a few things to keep in mind to ace your bridal makeup!


  1. Go for a trial


Makeup trial important to decide what makeup to go with your outfit, theme, etc. It also helps in getting to know the stylist. This is when the makeup artist tries out various shades of foundation, lipsticks, etc. on you to figure out the perfect match.


  1. Check the makeup in daylight


On the day of the wedding, make sure you check the makeup in daylight as well as under artificial light. This gives you a better idea of the makeup. It is also important to take a few pictures to see if the makeup is giving you a white cast.


  1. Don’t clutter


Don’t try too many new trends for the same makeup look. For example, if you are opting for smokey eyes, don’t pair it with an elaborate hairstyle and dark lips. Try to keep your wedding makeup as simple as possible.


  1. Carry a drink with a straw


This might seem like a simple tip, it is very helpful in keeping the makeup intact. While it is important to keep yourself dehydrated throughout the day, a straw will ensure that the lipstick stays put and does not fade.


  1. Don’t forget a primer and a setting spray


Many times, makeup artists skip the primer and go straight to the foundation. A primer is important in evening out the skin and creating a good base for the foundation. Likewise, a setting spray ensures that the makeup stays longer. Don’t skip both.


  1. Carry touch up products


A wedding day would usually be a long day will a lot of ceremonies. The day generally begins very early and ends very late. Hence, there is a high chance of the makeup fading out. Carry a few essentials to touch up makeup products during the day.


  1. Play it safe


Your wedding day is not the time to try out drastic makeup trends on you. Stick to tried and tested safe styles to ensure that you look your best. You can save the heavy contouring for another day!


Keep these tips in mind on your wedding day and discuss this with your makeup artist to create a beautiful wedding look for yourself!

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