Silk saree has a great craze in the market.  Female of all ages prefer wearing sarees made up of silk fabric. Also, different types of silk sarees are manufactured by the weavers staying in different parts of the nation. Banarasi silk is one of such variety. The city in which this variety of silk is available is none other than Varanasi. This city is also known as Banaras or Benaras. Banarasi silk sarees are one of the finest sarees available in India. The gold and silver brocade work is used in most of the sarees.

8843959900?profile=originalHistory on Banarasi silk designs

The design of the silk sarees is inspired from the Mughal era. The design includes foliate motifs and floral motifs which intertwine with one another. You can also view the string of upright leaves within the saree design. It is known as jhallar. Those are available in the outer edge. The Banarasi silk sarees have different type of floral impressions. This makes the design different from one another. You can also get the saree design with compact weaving. The mina work as well as metallic visual effects is available as well.


How long is needed to make Banarasi sarees?

It takes a long time to complete saree with such a heavy work. Normally, the weavers take 15 days to complete one Banarasi sari. But, the time can increase if the intricacy of the work gets enhanced. There are different types of designs and patterns of such Banarasi silk sarees. In some cases, the weavers also take 6 months to complete a single saree. It is due to the very minute work associated with the Banarasi saree weaving process.

Banarasi saree for wedding

Banarasi sarees are one of the expensive varieties of sarees which women do prefer wearing in the wedding occasion. The bride as well as the relatives and friends to bride can wear the same. The weavers work very hard to make a single piece of banarasi silk saree. People are observed to wear these silk sarees in many other traditional occasions. The bride will look the best with the gorgeous looking banarasi sari.


Banarasi saree in present days

In order to reduce the price of Banarasi sarees some changes are made. The original Banarasi silk sarees are very costly. Thus, most of the people are not been able to afford it. Thus, the present days silk sarees combines two different cultures. Even the artisans from China make those silk sarees and export them to our nation. It is true that the art of making this banarasi silk is quite ancient.  Today, the Persian motifs are getting mixed up with the Indian silk designs.

Banarasi silk sarees one of the finest quality traditional silk sarees available in the market. The Mughal inspired sarees have very small details which makes the visual effect duly increased. Today, even the wedding occasion of other religion considers this silk saree.

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