The hairstyles suit different length


Whether you are having trouble choosing the hairstyles for your daily? Whether you are troubled by hairstyles of different lengths? Here are some suggestions for each hair length.

The hairstyles for short hair

*pixie: Short and chic haircut to achieve a sleek and polished texture.

*bob: Classic hairstyle that is suitable for different ages, the bob hairstyle like blunt bob, textured bob, and so on.

*mohawk: Bold and edge style through cut short on the sides and leave longer strip in the center.

*finger waves: A hairstyle that creates the sculpted wave by finger or comb to achieve a vintage-inspired hairstyle.


The hairstyle for medium hair

*lob: Trendy haircut with shoulder length to styling with loose wave, straighten, or textured hairstyle.

*half up half down: The hairstyle of half up can combine with a braid, twist, or updo to create various styles. Besides, leaving the rest of the hair flowing is also pretty.

*braided updo: With French braid or regular braid to create the braided updo is glamorous and beautiful to participate in different events.

*beachy waves: By creating a casual and tousled look, the beachy waves allow the girls to enjoy this wave pattern's effortless and relaxed beauty.

The hairstyles for long hair

*long layer: Achieve the butterfly layer or other layer cut to create the movement and dimension look for girls.

*high ponytail: The long hair with a ponytail creates a classic and sleek hairstyle. Gathering your hair high on your head is pretty.

*side braid: Mix with weave extensions to create butterfly locas or other braid hairstyles on the side, they are soft and feminine.

Each hair length can find the perfect hairstyle, depending on the wig length chart to create the most suitable hairstyle.

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