Daith Piercing

Piercings have been around for centuries. But recently, certain placements have become more popular with the fashion crowd. From specific ear piercings that can make you look younger, to the constellation ear piercing trend, we’re always on the lookout for the next big thing in alternative jewelled beauty.

The daith piercing is the latest look the coolest girls and guys are getting done. For those who don’t know where exactly that is (don’t worry, we didn’t either), it’s top part of your ear where it swoops round and meets the side of your head.

Basically your most curled up cartilage fold. Still unclear? Here’s a pic… (It’s the biggest ring with three gems at the bottom.)

Fans of the piercing trend include Zoe Kravitz (pictured) and Kylie Jenner, who started the trend for the heart shaped ring in this placement.

We’ve discussed the biggest piercing mistakes you can make – which you’ll want to read if you haven’t already.

But it’s not only a trend for the fashion fearless, it also comes with a bit of a secret health benefit, too… The daith placement has become the most talked about cure for migranes. Great news for those who are headache prone and the paracetamol doesn’t cut it.

Based on the idea of acupuncture, piercing the specific pressure point is said to banish miserable migraines forever!

But when looking further into the magical healing solution, we found that according to Dr Fayyaz Ahmed, a neurologist and trustee of The Migraine Trust said, ‘There is no evidence that daith piercing work to help migraine.’

So unless you’re getting it for aesthetic reasons, you might not be blessed with no more migraines. But we do have some more info on how to cure a migraine if the daith piercing doesn’t work for you.Read more at:vintage prom dresses | quinceanera dresses

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