The tragic accident has led to a discussion about school safety in the whole country. A safety vest can protect children effect on the road near school. The OVB home teams have been talking about this with Stefan Sonntag, press officer at the police department south.


* The death of the nine-year-old boy shakes the entire county. If you look at the figures of the past years, how safe are the school paths in the region?

In view of the fact that several thousand pupils are on their way every day on foot, by bicycle, with school buses, as co-drivers in their parents' cars, the number of school-leaving accidents is very low.


* Are the school paths on the countryside more dangerous than in larger cities and municipalities?

This question cannot be answered on a general basis. In the urban area, the pupils are concentrated in appearance, which results in the large number of school-leaving accidents in the city. In the country, on the other hand, the pupils are widely distributed, but - as in all traffic accidents - the accident sequences can be more severe than in urban areas due to higher speeds.

* How do the police contribute to school road safety in the context of their preventive activities, regardless of the routine priorities at the school year?

Regardless of the focus of the school inspections at the beginning of the school year, we are providing training for school goers, schoolchildren and school bus attendants. We give advice, conduct the youth transport school, and prepare children's nursery school children for their school path. In particular in the case of school luncheon accidents, an analysis of the accidents is carried out by the experts of the police. We also carry out school bus inspections and school bus driver seminars.

* What should parents do to ensure that their children come to school as safely as possible?

The shortest way is sometimes not the safest way to school. Parents should leave the path with their children and help with cross-aiding in the choice of the path. They should explain danger points and accompany their children and also observe them on the way to school. The child should leave the house in time and not be driven to a hurry. Parents should also tell the child that even drivers can make mistakes and a car has a braking distance. Especially in bad weather or darkness, the child should wear eye-catching, reflective vest and colored clothing to make it look better.

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