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Straight hair wigs have always been the favorite of wig lovers. It is the most classic hair style. However, although many customers know about straight hair, they still do not know enough about it. Do you know the type of straight hair, the advantages and disadvantages of straight hair, and how to maintain and shape your straight hair wig? If you want to know more about straight hair and straight wigs, you can continue to read. This blog has the answers you want to know.

What is straight hair?


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The autumn of 2022 has arrived, and the popular hair color also needs to be updated. Are you looking for a new fall color of hair wigs in 2022 Fall Today’s blog will introduce some great autumn hair colors and some color wig recommendations.


The exciting fall hair colors in 2022

  • 1. Chestnut hair color

    This rich and soft brown will be the first choice in the cool autumn season. You can get a shiny neutral brown that can keep shiny.

  • 2. Cozy Blonde hair color  

    This color is to add more depth and natura

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