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As the summer season sweeps in, the temperatures tend to rise and the sun stays longer in the sky. The season of the sun also indicates that it is time to pack our bags for vacation and enjoy a lazy getaway at tropical sunny beaches and resorts. While you get ready for your summer vacation in excitement, the first thing you need is a stylish and comfortable bathing suit. No summer vacation is complete without a dip in the ocean or a swimming pool. Here we have combined some fantastic swimming su

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We all love to wear breezy and comfortable loungewear at home. After the pandemic hit us, we have all spent a considerable amount of time at home, whether it was work or maintaining social distance. After the end of the restriction, people started going to their offices and catching up with their friends, they have no idea how to wear the loungewear bought during their lockdown period.

Not to worry, there are numerous ways to style loungewear for the outdoors, and here are a few tips to look comf

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You could be the master of every new makeup trend, but the power of classic looks can never be undermined. Just like makeup, there is certain basics style that needs to be there. There are makeup essentials such as foundation, eye kajal, and lipstick, without which no makeup look is complete. In the same way, your wardrobe should have specific fashion basics that you can wear all year round.


We all love to have excellent fashion pieces coming straight from the latest fashion show, but no matter w

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5 Must-Have Tops for Women

Conveniently set your style and be the trendiest fashionista at the same time with online tops for women. These five trending types of tops will keep you in style without sacrificing comfort, making them essential to every woman’s wardrobe. Plus, you can find all of these and more available on the Dash and Dot website, so you can get ready to party!


The Blouse

A blouse is a perfect top for party wear. It's versatile, elegant, and can be dressed up or down. Plus, there are so many different styles

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We all wish to stay comfortable and fashionable in office. A good and stylish look will boost your confidence and help you to impress your colleagues. Choosing clothes for your work can be a difficult task to do. After all, it needs the perfect proportion of professionalism and style blended with a comfort. Choosing an outfit for the office could be hard work to do. If you want to grab your perfect outfit for your workplace, you are at the right place. The blog highlights the finest ways to look

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Trendy Indian Attire for Women

Indian clothing is the most versatile in the world. Fashion designers from all over the globe confirm this fact and often appear to incorporate Indian styles into their clothing. Women, without a doubt, have much more options for clothing compared to men.


When weddings are arranged or when the festive season is imminent, Indian dresses for women's party wear work very well. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the pieces of international shopping that can make you look smart. It is impo

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Our closets are brimming with items we adore, but we often have no idea what they mean. Women's blouses are no exception. Everything you need to know about women's blouses online is right here.
Women's blouses are made of stretchy, flexible materials that fit well. Shapes vary in style and are much less rigid than shirts, making those suitable for various body types. They rarely have collars and lack working buttons from top to bottom. A blouse is often a pullover style.


On the other hand, a co-or

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