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Nowadays, more and more women are trying human hair wigs to get their favorite natural hair appearance. Human hair wigs are high-quality wigs, which are more durable and more natural than synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are also not easy to tangle and easy to maintain.


Human hair wigs are comfortable to wear and breathable, which can protect your natural hair and help it grow. However, human hair wigs can also do some harm to your natural hair, which is mainly reflected in your wrong selection of

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Nowadays, wigs are popular in the world, and there are more and more questions about wigs. One of them is whether you can sleep with a wig on. Sleeping in a wig has both advantages and disadvantages. If you really need to sleep with a wig, you need to reduce or avoid its disadvantages, so that you can sleep with a wig. So how do you do it when you must sleep with a wig on?

Today’s blog will provide you with a good guide. You will know the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with a wig and ho

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How Long Is A 16 Inch Wig

16inch wigs are required to be the desired length of wigs, not too long, not too short, giving a sense of symmetry. Wigs of this length have been on sale recently, and many customers indicate they want a 16inch wig. What on earth is this 16inch wig? What are its advantages? How do you determine if its length is standard? How do you choose and buy the best 16inch wigs. Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, you can read on this blog and get the help.

What is 16inch wig?


16inch wig is a

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U-part wigs are the glue less wigs which are popular all the hair market now. Many women who like wearing wigs fall in love with this wig. Have you ever heard of this wig? If you are very interested in U-part wigs and want to know more, this blog is the best place for you to study. You will learn a lot here.


  • What is a U-part wig?   
  • Features of U-part wigs   
  • Benefits of U-part wigs   
  • How to wear a U-part wig?
  • How to maintain your U-part wigs?  
  • Where to purchase the best U-part wig?   

What i

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How To Make A Short Bob Wig

What is a short Bob wig? This is a short hair wig with Bob’s hairstyle. The length of this kind of hair is generally short. It can simply be divided into short bangs or short bangs without bangs.

Bob hairstyle is suitable for any hairstyle. It can easily cover up the flaws on your face or highlight the advantages of your face. The bob style can save more time when wearing. And Bob wig is more breathable and comfortable, and more convenient to maintain it than long hair wig.

Besides, the short bob

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Hair color is a very important wig element. The color of wig is various, and the most popular wig color is 1B hair color Are you interested in this color? Today’s blog will take you to know it, so that you can better choose and buy wigs.

What is 1B Hair Color?

  • Black has two main colors. Available in jet black #1 color and 1B black color. Jet Black #1 color is the darkest hair color, not a natural hair color. 1B color is also called soft black, which is similar to natural black and is the black clo
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Quick weave is a very convenient and quick way to change your hair styles. This is a kind of hair extension product, which is loved by many women. It can give you the most natural look by mixing it with your natural wig. In today’s article, you will learn something about quick weave hairstyles and their advantages and disadvantages. We will also recommend you some of the best quick weave hairstyles in 2022.

What is quick weave?   

Quick weave refers to a kind of hair extension. The quick weaves ar

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