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The March birthstone, aquamarine, is a cool stunner. It is known for its watery hues, calming energies, and high value. Those born in March are considered lucky because they get such an amazing gemstone as their birthstone. Are you thinking of getting birthstone jewelry for yourself to celebrate your big day this month? If yes, we are here to enlighten you about the March birthstone. We will talk about the aquamarine gemstone in detail, so read through the article in its entirety. Let’s begin!


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Great battle: Moissanite VS Diamond

The Most Insidious Analogue of a Diamond

The main confrontation of the last few years is the battle of the Moissanite VS Diamond. A diamond is an exquisite and precious stone. It is a jewel of courage and firmness. It combines unbelievable beauty and such unique features as unusual hardness, lack of thermal conductivity, and exceptional radiance.

3 CT Rose Gold Moissanite Ring

A lot of legends created about diamonds. And so many abilities were appointed to it. Also, it is the most expensive mineral

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Planning the perfect wedding proposal for your girlfriend is incredibly special and exciting. Along with choosing the ideal location and crafting your heartfelt words, selecting a thoughtful and meaningful gift can add an extra layer of sentiment to the occasion. To help you make this once-in-a-lifetime moment even more remarkable, we have compiled a list of the best wedding proposal gift ideas for your girlfriend. These gifts are designed to symbolize your love, commitment and the beautiful jou

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Are you all set to find that perfect engagement ring that represents your unique love story? As we enter 2024, the world of engagement rings is buzzing with fresh and trendy options that will surely catch your eye. Let's explore the top 5 engagement ring styles for 2024 and see which one suits your love story best.

1. Emerald Green Engagement Rings: A Dash of Enchanting Elegance

Emerald green engagement rings are all the rage in 2024, and it's no wonder why. These stunning gems radiate an encha

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The Best Wedding Ring Trends of 2023




Wedding rings have changed with changing times. People no longer eye the traditional wedding rings that feature minimalist bands. In the present times, people look for a bespoke tactile representation of their love, encrusted with diamonds and color gemstones. If your wedding date is set and you’re looking for a stylish wedding ring, this article will be a boon for you. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best wedding ring trends of 2023 that you can take inspiration from. Go through

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All about lab created diamonds

Giving engagement rings with Lab created diamonds is a relatively new trend. Just a decade ago, it was hard to imagine that many couples would choose not natural, artificial diamonds. The world embraced the course towards sustainable development, and saving the planet, even if it was just a private contribution in the form of jewelry with Lab created diamonds, became the favorite thing to do.

Lab created diamonds

Buy now Engagement Diamond Cluster Ring

What is lab created diamonds

There are several ways to get lab crea

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So many things come to your mind when you think of your engagement day. We understand  that you want this day to be a golden letter day in your life. Since you plan everything best  for this day, how can an engagement ring be ordinary? It is not an easy job to choose one  engagement ring for your special one from the millions and trillions of engagement rings you  explore every day. In this write-up, we will try hard to make it a little easier for you by  showcasing 5 hand-picked engagement ring

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Even though diamonds are more affordable now than a century and a half ago, not all brides consider them to be "a girl's best friends". Perhaps this statement was true in a time when a sparkling gemstones was a worthy investment, and girls sacrificed personal interests for the good of the family when getting married. Today, young people prefer to create equal partnership marriages, and girls are more willing to invest personal capital in education, travel, or cryptocurrencies.  


However, engage

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Are you still in the hassle of matching your engagement ring with your wedding ring?

Find the perfect match by choosing a bridal rings set. The set features two rings in the same colour and style.


Explore our stunning designer collection of bridal sets Rings featuring dazzling diamond engagement rings and matching wedding rings.

Our Bridal rings sets fit well together when worn side by side.

AG & Sons also offer customized bridal set rings uk for the brides who want something special for their D- Da

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Tips for Repairing Your Engagement Ring


An engagement ring is a symbol of eternal love, dedication, and faithfulness. While these pieces of jewelry are pretty resilient, damage can occur over time or due to an accident. Knowing how to proceed when damage occurs can save you time and money.

Get Insurance Coverage

Prepare for possible issues by getting insurance coverage on the ring. Even if you bought the ring some time ago, you may still qualify for a plan now. Keep in mind that insurance might not cover every type of damage, so be sur

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Diamonds are always the first love for every woman, isn't it? It symbolises a strong emotional connection, thus it could be the perfect gift for your partner.

Black diamonds are unique and give you a classy look. Though diamond rings are all beautiful, a black diamond ring looks different and glam up your bold and beautiful personality.


WGold_BlackDiamond_Ring_2020.jpgAG & Sons offers an extensive range of Black Diamond Rings Online at affordable prices. We also customized your ring as per your style and taste. Hop on to our We

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Popular Diamond Cuts to Consider This Year

Diamond cut refers to the proportions of the diamond, with different cuts dictating how light travels and bends within the stone. The way a diamond you cut affects everything from its overall brilliance and sparkle to weight, shape, and size.

The most popular diamond cuts come in various shapes: round, square, pear-shaped, oval, and heart-shaped. There are also fancy shapes like cushion or Asscher-cut diamonds that can be quite stunning but are also more expensive than round or princess-cut diamo

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Are you stuck between platinum and white gold? Can’t choose the right one? No worries, in this article we will discuss platinum vs white gold. These two are jewelry materials and it can be hard to choose the right one. But once you understand the differences, it will lot easier to choose. so, hold tight, and let's dig into the details.

Platinum Vs White Gold: How to Choose?

First, you need to know what is platinum. How does it look? Platinum is a natural element that you can find in nature. It is

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