Learn to wear lace front wigs in safety


As we all know lace front wigs require to wear it by glue and adhesive, and also require learning to cut the lace, how to wear a lace front wig safely, and achieve the best melt hairline. Here are the tips about wear.

First, glue or adhesive

Test the adhesive behind your ear before wearing, and check the adhesive or glue without causing any reaction. After applying the glue or adhesive, allow the adhesive to dry until it becomes tacky, and wait for it to dry completely.

Second, cut the lace

Trim the excess lace before wearing a lace front wig, and leave a small amount of lace to result in the natural appearance. Be cautious to cut the lace not too close to the hairline and avoid damaging the hair.

Third, wig installation

Wearing a lace front wig, not only ensures the pretty wear of glue and lace but also requires to attention the natural hair and skin. Braid or twist your natural hair to ensure the flat of hair for wig wearing, and clean your forehead to ensure the lace and glue are better used.


What’s more, the cap wearing or band used is helpful to secure your wig safety. Place your lace front wigs in the right place is useful to secure the wig.

Wearing a lace front wig and creating the melt hairline is significant for your wig wearing. So learn the tips about wearing your lace front wigs in safety. Also, here are some methods about how to remove the glue from the lace wig.

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