Last Minute Gifts For Someone Far Away

Our Last-Minute Gifts For Someone Far Away


When you live far from your parents, your lover, or your friends, it is sometimes difficult to find a gift idea without breaking the bank in delivery costs or fear that it will not reach its recipient and be in good condition.

But rest assured, there is actually a long list of gift ideas for someone who is geographically far away. Some companies specialize in sending gifts or allow them to be offered remotely over the Internet. Still, others have great gifts designed for long-distance relationships.

Small Presents To Be Delivered To Someone Far Away


Giving a gift remotely often means having it delivered to the place of life or the workplace of the person for whom it is intended. It can be practical, but sometimes a bit complex! Luckily, there are turnkey solutions to easily get your gift to your friend, dad, sister, or wife.

Have A Classic Or More Personalized Gift Delivered: What Trends?



To give your gift to someone dear to you but who lives far away the most traditional way is to order online using a delivery address other than the billing address. For a more personalized gift to a woman or a man, you can also choose a purchase in-store, and send it yourself by sending a small message or a symbolic photo.

But you should know that you can also count on companies that have made a specialty of sending little attention from a distance. We of course know the online flower shops that offer express shipping of a bouquet to a workplace or to the home of his mother, his beloved, or the one to whom we want to declare his love.

For a little more originality, opt for a "balloon box": the recipient receives a card that reveals a balloon inflated with helium with a message. It can be embellished with a card and a few sweets, a piece of jewelry, a bottle of wine, a candle, a customizable t-shirt, etc.


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Top 10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas


To please on a birthday, at Christmas, or for any occasion, the current trend is the gift box. There are all kinds especially on the theme of gluttony.

You will also find some for the care of the beard, the care of the body, the gardening, the making of beer, the passage to zero waste, etc. Some gift boxes are already made up, so you just have to make the purchase. Others are more customizable, so you can choose items that are sure to please while controlling the price of the gift.

Subscription Gift Boxes: Please All Year Round



In a long-distance relationship, whether friendly, romantic or family, the love we have for another is expressed through gifts, especially on specific occasions such as a birthday.

However, with just one gift, you can surprise the lucky chosen one for several months and not only on D-Day. In fact, subscription boxes have widely developed in recent years, and offer you several possibilities:

You choose boxes whose content is expressly defined, on the theme of cosmetics, local products, or culinary travel for example. Each month, the recipient will receive a box that you have selected. Some companies offer boxes already prepared with a personalized message to insert, while others also offer a fully customizable formula.

You choose the surprise boxes, based solely on the theme of the box. If you are unsure of the tastes of the person you are giving the gift to or if you want to do it as quickly as possible, this is probably the way to go.

You opt for a formula in the form of a gift card for which you will have paid a price depending on the number of months of subscription. The recipient of the gift can then choose from a list of several boxes on the chosen theme. This possibility is available for a box dedicated to the world of books, beer tasting, fashion accessories, etc.


Online Cards, Boxes, and Subscriptions: Gifts to Send Online


If none of the ideas mentioned above is likely to please the man or woman for whom you are looking for a gift, or if the price of delivery is prohibitive, consider the gift to offer online! These articles are available for all occasions and all profiles, and are easy to send, with a few clicks.


The Electronic Box, an Easy Gift to Send Even To the Other Side Of The World


To keep pace with the rapid growth in online ordering and to meet consumers' need for speed, service, and gift card providers are increasingly making electronic gift boxes available. They work like traditional boxes, with the difference that we do not offer a physical box, but the recipient receives his gift by e-mail. The person who receives the card or box can thus go online and use the reference received by email to make a purchase or book an activity.

This type of gift is ideal if you do not have specific ideas of the object or activity that would make you happy. Electronic gift cards for use on online sales sites (or sometimes directly in stores) are offered by most major brands, but also by smaller shops. For small budgets, we think for example of a voucher to make a photo book or an amount credited to a gift voucher for a clothing store, a decoration store, or a subscription to the cinema.

If you want to give an experience, and not just a product, then the electronic gift box is the best option. Here too, it leaves a very wide choice allowing you to make a personalized gift or, on the contrary, to choose a theme as a gift for Mum and Dad, Happy Birthday, Evening as a couple, etc.

The other advantage is that whoever receives this gift has at least a year to take advantage of it. He can also select the activity that suits him according to his geographical location and his tastes. From shopping in Paris to weekends with the family, including an evening in an exceptional restaurant or even a nature trip, almost anything is possible!


Buy Online Gifts for Someone Far Away


Another way to give a gift when you are far away is to offer a subscription to a television channel and online service or a mobile application or to offer a virtual present. You will find formulas at all prices, for men and women and for all ages!

Here Is a List of Some Gift Ideas to Please Christmas 0r A Birthday


  • An annual subscription to a music streaming platform
  • Online video games on the favorite console of the lucky winner
  • A subscription to a video-on-demand service
  • A digital book or subscription to a package to download multiple books
  • Subscription to a package for a sports TV package
  • A voucher to be able to download paid applications

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