The International Beauty Movement Presents the Aspiring Models Portfolio Photo Shoot

and Image Branding Meetup Coming Soon!

The International Beauty Movement is inviting you and all aspiring models in the area to an exclusive full Day Modeling Portfolio Photo Shoot and Image Branding Meetup for aspiring male and female models of all ages that are interested in building a professional modeling photo portfolio and a strong brand for their image.


Incase you are unfamiliar with the International Beauty Movement, they have created a strong and respectable presence in both the entertainment, magazine publishing, and fashion industry since 2012 with Ripping Runways Magazine, the internationally known online aspiring female modeling magazine, Girl 9 Magazine For Men, that features the sexiest and most beautiful female lingerie and bikini models worldwide, Salon Savvy Magazine, that features the hottest and most creative hair stylists and makeup artists in the world, Project Couture Magazine, that features some of the most talented runway and print models worldwide, Ethnic Queen Magazine, that is dedicated to all aspiring and professional ethnic models worldwide, Fashion Week Magazine, that is dedicated strictly to fashion week in New York and worldwide, and Unjust Magazine, which publishes articles and news stories on current issues such as immigration abuse, police brutality, child sex abuse in the church, unarmed victim police shootings, discrimination, and racism.


The International Beauty Movement is the sponsor of the annual Philly Model Face Off, Los Angeles Model Face Off, DC Model Face Off, Miami Model Face Off, and the Las Vegas Model Face Off.


The Model Face Off Competition is a free $1,000 photo shoot, video shoot, and a free magazine feature given to selected gorgeous and glamorous aspiring models in the United States that have responded to our worldwide casting calls, or have been featured in one of our internationally known online magazines and have been selected by our magazine promotions team.


The Model Face Off highlights the creative talents of upcoming photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, and fashion stylists that are selected to participate in our free Model Face Off event and have their work featured in one or more of our internationally known online magazines.


 Do You Want To Increase Your Chances Of Becoming A Paid Model?


If You Are Wondering Why Casting Directors, Modeling Agencies, and Fashion Industry Professionals Don’t Take You Serious as a model when You Submit yourself to a casting call or attend an audition, Ask yourself these questions:


What type of modeling am I a good fit for?


How can I stand out above other models?


How are you branding, promoting, and pursuing a professional modeling career?


Do you have a recent full modeling photo portfolio with at least 25 high resolution professional full body photos of you posing?


Do you have a recent professional photo portfolio, an introductory modeling video, a professional website, professional business cards, modeling comp cards, a logo for your brand, and a professional modeling bio?


Are you a member of any professional modeling organizations?


Benefits of Attending The Modeling Portfolio Photo Shoot & Image Branding Meetup:

1.)  We will produce you a professional modeling photo portfolio, modeling, bio, comp cards, a professional modeling video, business cards, and a website that will give you a strong brand image that helps you attract a bigger audience, which will give you a big edge over many models that don’t have professional photos, a bio, comp cards, a web site, or a professional video; by purchasing a full modeling photo portfolio and press kit, you will increases your modeling job offers and attracts a bigger following of clients and fans.


2.)  Building a strong modeling portfolio and image brand helps you attract industry insiders and ensures that your modeling job offers and salary for each job will be higher than a model that has not built a professional brand image and an excellent modeling promotional package.


3.)  We will produce you a professional modeling photo portfolio and brand image talent brand that gives you more control over your modeling career, over your modeling earnings, over your reputation, and the types of modeling jobs that you are willing to accept.


4.)  By branding your image as a model you are inviting the world to feel and share your unique talent and your brand image should leave a lasting impression on people and evoke an emotional experience that makes people feel good.


5.) The International Beauty Movement Magazine Publishing Company will be selecting some models from the Photo Shoot Meetup and giving them a free magazine model feature in one of our internationally known magazine upcoming issues.


6.) Some models will be selected for a free $1,000 Magazine photo shoot in our Model Face Off event, in which all selected models receive an exclusive magazine photo feature in one of our internationally known magazines and a free $1,000 photo portfolio form the photo shoot to build their modeling career.



If You Would Like To Attend An Aspiring Models Portfolio Photo Shoot

and Image Branding Meetup Please Visit Our Web Site To contact us and include your name, age, city, state, and phone number, Visit our Web Site at: https://magazinemodeling.wixsite.com/beautymovement/contact






Aspiring Models Portfolio Photo Shoot

and Image Branding Meetup Tickets Start at only $250 per model attending and all additional fees will be based on the Modeling Photo Portfolio Package and Image Branding Package that a Model Selects, all photo and video portfolio packages will have a professional licensed hair stylist and makeup artist available for a small fee.



Hosting A Modeling Photo Shoot and Image Branding Meetup:  If You or Your Company is Interested in bring the International Beauty Movement to your city, or you are interested in Hosting an International Beauty Movement Aspiring Models Portfolio Photo Shoot and Image Branding Meetup in Your City as a Fund Raiser or an Event For You, Your Company, A Modeling Agency, or Entertainment Company, Please visit our web site to contact us for pricing and details at: https://magazinemodeling.wixsite.com/beautymovement/contact




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