Washing human hair wigs properly is essential to prolong the lifespan and best appearance of wigs, and gentle washing leads to the smoothness and luster of human hair wigs. How often should human hair wigs be cleaned?


How to select the right shampoo?

Select the right shampoo that is special design for human hair wigs, attention to some chemicals in shampoo can shorten the lifespan of wigs. Select high quality human hair wigs to maintain the hair quality of wigs.

How often should human hair wigs be cleaned?

Following your wearing frequency, we recommend cleaning your human hair wigs for around 7-14 days. The hair becomes dusty and frizzy if you are not clean in time, however, the lifespan of wigs can be influenced if you wash to your wigs.

Besides wearing frequency, the hair products used also influence the wash time. For instance, if you apply the spray too much on your lace front wigs, it is better to wash them frequently. Besides, it is better to clean your lace front wigs gently.

What’s more, we recommend to wear the wig cap to prolong the lifespan of wigs. The wig cap is useful to remove the dirt or oil from your scalp, which is away from the wigs.

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