Almost all the people are fine with piercing their children’s ears when they are little, but a few consider it an appalling practice.

Ear piercing for babies is considered controversial in several states. However, in Spain and Latin America, it is customary for the parents to get their daughters’ ears pierced as soon they are born. Many Latin mothers purchase new gold studs right after they get pregnant.

If worried about the pain or other reactions, please implement the below-mentioned tips right away.

  1. Hire a Professional

The professionals offering baby ear piercing in the Gold Coast acquired popularity probably because they are qualified to handle all sorts of skin.

Consult your doctor or paediatrician regarding the best places for piercings. It is necessary to scan the hygiene standards, or else you would not be able to avoid contamination. See if the one you hired wash their hands before touching any equipment and put on fresh gloves. Proper disinfection of the equipment is also mandatory.

  1. Vaccinate

The people planning on starting a tattoo business said a baby often is not pierced because his/her immune system is not completely developed, and thus can provide access to harmful germs. To strengthen the immunity, make sure your baby has got all the shots. The tetanus vaccination is perhaps the most crucial because your baby will be exposed to different metals during piercing.

  1. Numb Earlobes

You cannot expect a baby to endure the discomfort like an adult. The former is bound to fidget and cry. Numbing the concerned area about 45 minutes before the appointment is essential. The artists usually rely on ice cubes or a topical anaesthetic gel. Wrapping the ice cubes in a soft cloth is important as the direct application can cause frostbites.

  1. Get Both the Ears Done Simultaneously

Most of the technicians, who have kept tattoo shops open for a long time, prefer piercing both ears at the same time. Your baby would not get the opportunity to obsess about anyone piercing since both will be complete. If done one at a time, the baby may wiggle, making the second piercing excessively difficult.

Choose small studs since they are stylish and do not cause irritation. Babies tend to hurt themselves by pulling off the hoops or danglers. Invest in hypoallergenic jewellery. Gold seems like a viable choice, but white gold contains plated metals that cause rashes on the baby.

When bathing your baby after ear piercing, please do not let the soap, shampoo, and conditioner come in contact with the ears. Take off the clothes slowly so that they do not get stuck with the earrings.

According to the experts offering tattoos in the Gold Coast, it is natural to find a new-born with pierced ears. If you wish to do the same, please inform your doctor beforehand so he/she can specify the problems that may arise.

Many medical practitioners believe that mothers must wait until their baby is at least six months old to pierce the ears. The process, after all, punctures the skin, paving the way for infections. Remember, any form of body modification fails to harm when your immune system is strong.

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