Hair weaves do more than just add volume and thickness to your original hair. Sew-in weaves are one of the best options for someone who wants to have natural-looking hair. Hair Extensions allow you to take a break from chemical and heat while allowing you to experiment with various hairstyles.


Do Sew-In Extensions Protect Your Hair Or Damage Them!

Sew-in hair extensions take the burnt-out look from hair styling, so instead of putting your hair through using heat protectors, combing and brushing, the sew-in extensions protect your hair from damage.  The process takes place by taking the old and driest parts of hair and sewing in with moisturized locks. While the sew-in extensions do always give you extra hair length, it helps retain natural luster and moisture.

The sew-in process allows you to attach the extensions to your natural hair by attaching the weft. This is achieved by braiding the original hairs into cornrow braids. Then, the weaves are sewed in by using a needle and thread to the braid. During the process, the extensions are not glued; rather, they are sewn into your natural hair.

 Does It Feel Uncomfortable In Your Head?

While at first, the sewn-in hair extensions might feel uncomfortable, the sensation will vanish once the hair comes into position. Also, keep in mind that your extensions will be attached to the cornrows, which might feel a bit tight on the head. However, over time it will loosen up a bit.

How To Sew-In Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian hair extensions are naturally thick, long-lasting, and glossy. So, whether you want Brazilian body wave hair, deep wave, or the Brazilian curly weft extensions, make your selection and get it installed.


Remy Hairs Vs. Synthetic Hair For Sew-In:

Virgin hair is natural and realistic and is 100% human hair. This type of hair is easy to maintain and dye. Also, you can use styling tools on virgin hair.

On the other hand, synthetic hair is shiny and tends to look unnatural. This type of hair cannot be washed or styled with heated styling tools. You also cannot dye synthetic hair.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Inserting Sew-In Extensions:

Give Your Hair A Regular Wash:

Keeping your hair extensions clean is the most important thing you can do before installing sew-in hair extensions. You should use a mild sulfate-free shampoo and wash your hair thoroughly. After you install your hair extensions, your natural hair will be inaccessible, so make sure there won’t be any buildup, and the scalp is completely clean.


Give Your Hair A Protein Treatment:

Protein treatments help to provide shine and strength to your hair extensions. Since the sew-in process puts your hair through a lot, the protein treatment will fortify the ends and make your hair more manageable.

Trim It Once:

The ends of human hair are more prone to splitting and tangling over time, to prevent this, get your hair trimmed. Trimming the dead ends will help maintain your hair extensions and they will last longer.

Don’t Go For Any Chemical Treatment:

Bleach, permanent coloring, and relaxers can damage your hair. Give your hair some time to adjust to the hair extensions and then go for chemical treatments.



Sew-in hair extensions are the most popular and gentle way to add extensions in your hair. And since there is no glue you don’t have to worry about the strength of the install over time.

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