You could be the master of every new makeup trend, but the power of classic looks can never be undermined. Just like makeup, there is certain basics style that needs to be there. There are makeup essentials such as foundation, eye kajal, and lipstick, without which no makeup look is complete. In the same way, your wardrobe should have specific fashion basics that you can wear all year round.


We all love to have excellent fashion pieces coming straight from the latest fashion show, but no matter what, some timeless pieces need to be there in every wardrobe. Are you sure you have the classic attire and accessories in your closet? If not, then we are here to give you an insight into the must-haves in your armour.

Simple White Tee

Start checking your wardrobe by searching for a simple yet elegant white tee, and if you don’t have one, run to the stores and buy it. It is the most versatile piece in your closet that can pair with just anything. A white tee paired with blue jeans for a restful morning, a pairing with a black mini skirt for a clubbing night, any occasion you pick, and the white tee will make the outfit perfectly ready for you. Check some online tops for women on platforms like Dash & Dot which has the latest and classy trends available for every woman.

Classic Black Dress

Don’t know what to wear on a romantic date or you are clueless about your outfit for the upcoming girl's night out? The classic black dress is the best backup plan for any fashion confusion and it saves you from numerous disasters. You can pick the kind of silhouette you want in the dress and finish with light makeup but a red bold look. Girl, you are ready to slay all night!

Best-Fit Jeans

It is an unsaid rule for every woman to have denim jeans in her closet. It is a go-to fashion piece and never disappoints anyone regarding style, colour, or level of comfort. Buy jeans that fit your preference and suit you well because this is a piece that can never go out of fashion.

An Elegant Swimwear

Summer times are the best. Exotic beaches, tropical vacations, and Pina Coladas under the sun and sand, but one significant thing is missing, elegant swimwear. Their vibrant colours and unique patterns can set your mood for a sunny beach day besides the crystal clear waters. There are beautiful bikini dresses for ladies available in online stores such as Dash and Dot that fits every budget and every body type. Experiment with unique patterns and colours before you head to your tropical beach vacation.

Casual Pair of Shoes

Whether you are starting a new adventure or even want to have a casual walk around the streets, a pair of shoes is as essential as a person’s breath. They are very comfortable, and stylish and come in unique colours and patterns. They can be paired with anything and everything.

Whatever the scenario is, you must have these fashion essentials with you handy. They are versatile, comfortable and most important, never go out of fashion. Fashion is an individual's choice, but having these basics can help you with any bad day or emergency.

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